WOD:Friday 10-30-09 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD:Friday 10-30-09

(Late post, too much lightning last night to stay on the computer)

Pull and Push

5 rounds for time

Hang Squat Clean x 15

Push Ups x 30

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  1. Christina

    I feel horrible…I stepped out of the shower and realized that I was supposed to be doing 15 pushups and instead I was only doing 10!!! I despise cheaters, so please forgive me everyone I promise I did not do it on purpose. No wonder my time was SO GOOD! I’ll do better next time, I promise.

    1. silverbackmattp

      In the indelible words of Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Pauly “You owe”, don’t worry we’ll keep it fun…..sort of. The main thing is the intensity and effort were very evident in your workout, that matters more than the rep count. That said, you still owe.

  2. Linda

    My time 11:25 for 5 rounds hanging squat clean (10) and push ups (15). 15 lb bar and bench push ups.

    Great working with G,C and M. Gives me something to aim for , a time when I can do floor p/u and not working with the lightest weights. Christina it was a 10 in number but a 15 in intensity.

  3. Gary Hemeyer

    Good workout this am, Matt. A good hurt. Before we started, I thought the pushups would be my breather, but opposite found true. Was doing girlie pushups by the end of it. Definitely have to work on my stamina. Aside from the fact that Michelle kicked my butt and even did extra reps.

    I’ll time Christina tonight on those missing pushups she owes you.

    First time on the website, looks great. Question from a computer “idgette”. Where do we log in our times?

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