HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES!!! – CrossFit Silverback



On Nov 10, 1775 the Continental Congress authorized Col. Samuel Nicholas to raise two battalions of  Marines.  Knowing exactly the type of men he wanted the Col. immediately set up recruiting at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA.


17 Burpee/ Pull Up combinations (strict push-up)

75  Squats

4 rounds (one for God, one for country, one for Corps and one for Chesty Puller)

Created by Steve S. @ Gym Jones San Diego

The Commandant’s Birthday Message

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  1. Casey

    So sorry I missed you guys this morning………aside from the fact I can barely walk, it is Emma’s birthday and I was busy preparing her requested breakfast in bed 😉 See you guys in the AM

  2. Linda

    Here is “mama style”
    Round 1 and 3
    17 push ups on weights/floor girl-style
    50 squats
    Round 2 and 4
    17 pull ups- red band -Matt assisted
    50 sit ups.

    Total Time 28:22min
    Wow did 100 squats /situps 34 pushups (sorta)!

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