WOD: 11-17-2009 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 11-17-2009

“jones crawl”

For time:


Box Jump


inspired by a workout created by MFT at “Gym Jones”

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  1. Casey

    Christina, Linda, Michelle, you guys were awesome this morning! That was fun……..but I’m taking tomorrow off 🙂

    Tim, Superb job on the boxes! I could not have imagined boxes could look so good……..they sure aren’t any easier but they look fantastic.

  2. Gary Hemeyer

    I have to agree with Casey. Those were the nicest boxes ever, almost too nice to jump on! Okay, I’ve looked at several Crossfit places in NYC and I think Metropolis will be more like what I’m used to…all i know is one day I want to be able to do the “upside down potty mouth”

    If Gary and I go we will bring you back a shirt, anyone who wants a shirt give the money to Casey and I will get it from her before I leave! Tell me your sizes too! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! I will be so proud of us if we actually go at least once while out of town.

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