WOD: 11-18/19-2009 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 11-18/19-2009

Rest Day


“Mad Dash”

Push Ups, Box Jumps, Squats, KB Swings

max reps in 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec (inspired by recent WOD @ CrossFit P3)

If you rested Wed I expect to see you Thurs


An image of success as Linda conquers her first "Box Jumps" and then cranks out over 30 more: OUTSTANDING!!!!



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  1. Linda

    NO, Don’t do it! SAVE YOURSELVES!! Just kidding. Giddy from overcoming my “box jump phobia” until next time…
    Squat 34-17-11
    DB swing 35-23-15
    Push up (assisted) 30-18-11
    Box Jump 17?(forgot to count)-14-8
    Hard to put on make up and get kids ready with “noodle arms”.

  2. Casey

    Oh my! When will I learn my lesson? “That looks simple,” are always the words I end up eating………..boy, did I today. This was really tough. Thanks for the push Gary- great morning!

  3. Tim M

    I’ll be there tonight Matt but will be a little late (6PM I’m thinking).

    Enjoy NY Christina & Gary!
    Don’t worry about the T-Shirt; I decided sleeping in was more important this AM, haa, haa.

  4. Tim M

    Back Squat 195-205-225

    Squat 80-33-16
    DB swing (30#) 51-29-14
    Box Jump (24″) 47-13-8
    Push up 32-15-13

    This sucked the wind out of me; good workout.

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