WOD: 02-01-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-01-2010

For time:

Ascending and descending ladders of

Push Press   10,9,8…..1

Atomic Sit-Up  2,4,6…..20

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  1. drew

    Worked out a Crossfit Strong here in Dallas.
    WOD- Dumbell H€ll
    All exercises done with 35lb db. Penalty for remove your hands from DB is 5 air squats.
    10 Renegade Climber (push up, row left and right arm, 4 mt. Climbers)
    10 Thrusters
    40 yd bear crawl
    40 yd Farmers Carry
    10 Box Steps (24” box)

    Oh yeah 4 rounds
    Time= 29:07 (including my 5 air squats)

  2. brad

    row 1:37
    PP 165, 165, 165, 170, 175 (1rf)
    WOD 7:35 with 105#

    If there are any competitive types reading this (not naming anyone in particular, but her name rhymes with Basey Tilson), there is a great resource at concept2.com for benchmarking your rowing skills. At the main page, look for Online Tools and then Online Logbook. Once you enroll, you can record your rowing workouts, input your times, and see how you rank. Unlike crossfit, concept2 allows you the option of comparing by gender, age and weight class (I never considered myself a “heavyweight”, but evidently I am in the rowing world).

    Drew – that wod looks wicked (40 yd bear crawls with 35 lbs in each hand?). Nice job.

  3. Dick D

    My wiring was really short circuiting today. Not sure what the deal was. I couldn’t even lift my 5RM one time. really weird. Suffered through yet another salvo at my ego. After the 500m row I was simply gassed.

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