WOD: 02-02-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-02-2010

Discomfort Zone:  When you look back on this one the wisdom of the 2 min interval becomes clear.   We are presented here with an opportunity to push our limits in 120 sec., long enough to test our stamina but not long enough to become a grind.  A real opportunity to excell versus endure.  (push to meet or surpass the previous round)

Front Squat: 2 min

Row (for calories): 2 min

Rest: 2 min

3 Rounds: record repetitions and calories for each round.

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  1. Drew

    This WOD looks like fun! Check out the main site WOD running backwards!?!? Will be glad to get back today!

    Another hard morning in Big D!
    Couplet: x3
    20 Wall Balls (20)
    10 Dips
    1 Set of 50 leg sweepers (95)
    Couplet: x3
    10 Front Squat (95)
    10 Barbell lunges (95)
    Time= 18:26

      1. drew

        Yes running backwards for that distance and negociating obstacles seems slow and possibly painful!

        Leg sweepers AKA floor cleaners and other names. Lie on your back and press and hold a 95lb bar. Then keeping your legs straight touch your toes to the right plate. Return your legs to the ground and then the opposite plate returing you legs to the ground and that is one rep.

        1. silverbackmattp

          Another name is Windshield Wipers, a lot of folks were introduced to these with the “300” workout that made Gym Jones famous or infamous depending on your CrossFit politics.

  2. Linda

    Tabata Bear with 25#
    Front Squat 55-65-75-80-85
    WOD: 18/27cal
    How does 2 minutes stretch out so long? I there some type of alternate time universe at CFSB?
    Sorry to hear about everyone under the weather; Casey, Lynn, and Nikko. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Laura

      funny you say that about the time seeming far longer than it really is…..I have totally thought Matt was tricking us and telling us it was 2 min but making us really do like 5 min!! 🙂 still not 100% convinced that I’m wrong!

  3. brad

    Fr Sq 185, 195, 195, 195, 195
    wod w/ 135#, 19-30, 14-29, 16-28
    Proverbial “easy on the board, hard on the floor” – this is the first time I genuinely wanted to quit during a CFSB wod. My back wishes I would have (I don’t know how you hurt your upper back doing front squats but I managed to find a way). You could retire this one permanently from the rotation and I would be one happy dude.

    Linda – impressive row numbers. That’s great that you maintained the power output for all three rounds.

    Matt – as long as you’re putting it up for a vote, yes, let’s go running (in a few more days when ankle is 100%)

    Oh man, I just realized what a whiner I’ve become — ankle, back, thumb. Whatever. I need to suck it up. 3, 2, 1…

  4. Tim M

    Wow, tough workout . . . . I liked it!

    FS: 135-165-185-205(PR)-215(x0)

    WOD w/135# was 20/38 – 20/37 – 18/32

    that final 2min row was just NASTY. Thanks for the motivation Matt; I was cratering pretty quick and surprised myself to have pulled out 32 calories.

  5. Laura

    This was pretty tough….that row really makes me tired QUICK!!! Tired to the point of just sloppy!!

    FS-95×3, 105×3, 115×3, 125×1, 125×2

    round 1- 27/27
    round 2- 21/?
    round 3- 23/26
    I think??? trying to remember but it’s a bit fuzzy…..
    see you tonight at 630p-Gabriel’s baseball got rained out for tonight.

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