WOD:02-03-2010 – CrossFit Silverback



For time: 3 rounds

Deadlift x 10

Abmat Situp x 20

Run 400m

Getting stronger and leaner (17lbs so far), AWESOME consistency and effort Jim, keep it up.

The Silverback Nation welcomes future firebreather Julie aboard.

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    1. Dick D

      Not to let the cat out of the bag or anything but you will be “pleasantly” suprised when you get there tonight. Sorry Matt but your suprise is now not a suprise.

    1. Dick D

      I’ll be there tomorrow as well. Too much Mr. Mom going on today to get in there. I’ll be a 0500 attendee. Any takers for 0500?

  1. Linda

    This should be called Row’ers Revenge. It’s like Matt said “tired of rowing?….well here is the other “r” -running”. Did the WOD in 15:02. Lynn, thanks for coming around and encouraging me on my last 400m. I was the unofficial 4th member of the Stewart family at the workout this morning.
    Good news -I ordered some scrubs today and it was 2 sizes smaller than the last set I bought. Yippee! The pants are a little snug, but I’m sure Matt’s workouts will take care of that. Looking forward to the “rest day” . Everyone stay warm and dry. 🙂

  2. MattP

    Focus and consistency make two of the most powerful tools in almost any endevor and Linda has them in spades, great news keep it up.

  3. Tim M

    Pathetic Dead-Hangs: 6-4-5
    Did the WOD in 10:27 with 225# DL

    Good workout, glad to see some running again!

    And great job Cassie, nice having someone to workout with.

  4. Laura

    This was hard and I need to push harder when running…towards the end I was really jogging…. 🙁 I’m gonna work on it! 🙂

    pullups- did 15 on the teal band
    then 3 on the purple
    then 4 on the purple.

    DL 100#
    Time was 11:34

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