WOD: 02-04-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-04-2010

Same as yesterday:  Why?  We really recommend that you take one of these two days as an offday.  To maximize the your bodies adaptive response to the training we need to balance a high intensity level with regular rest.  While you are here, train like your on fire, and you will find your rest day well deserved. 

Moving heavy weight with a sense of urgency at 5:00 am. MOTIVATING

One of our newest athletes Cassie, welcome to the Silverback Nation

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  1. Casey

    Oh man, I really felt like I was coming back from the dead. It was ugly, ugly, ugly………but it’s done.
    10:08 See you guys next week.

  2. Drew

    My deadlift felt heavy on the thrid round but it was a great workout. Had to turn on the afterburners (Sorry Casey) and sprint it in to make it in under 10:00, which was my goal.

    Dealdlift @ 205
    Time+ 9:58 thats right I barely made it under 10:00

  3. brad

    DHPU 8, 8, 6 (going the wrong way, but am doing a stricter dead hang)
    wod w/ 205# 9:35 (should’ve have gone with 225)
    I hate mountain climbers (there, now you know where my goat is tied)

    Dick – impressive pullup numbers and a fast runner; a potent combination.

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