WOD: 02-05-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-05-2010

Filthy Dirty Thirty (Modified)

Box Jumps/ Static Hold Squat (electric chair)

Kettlebell Swings/ Static Hang from pull up bar

Push Press/ Foward Leaning Rest position (plank)

30 seconds work with 30 seconds of corresponding “rest”

4 min each movement.  ENJOY!!!!!

Drew and Brad catch some "rest" during between Push Presses

Dick and Zach just hanging out between sets of KB swings.

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  1. Linda

    Ugh! rest means “rest” not more work… and sometimes the “rest” is harder than the “work”. Need a refresher seminar on TGU. Did 1 each of 20-25-30 until I realized that I was suppose to do 3 of each. Went back and did 2 more of 30#DB and 25# DB, but ran out of time before I could do 2 more of the 20#DB.
    Surprised that I could hang from the pull up bar after KB swings. Way to go Lynn hanging in there with me.
    Forgot my numbers when I got to the “electric chair”.
    Good seeing Drew,Zach and Brad this a.m. and shout out to Jim where ever he is in North Texas.

  2. brad

    TGUs are one big dose of humility for me — 45 lb bb on right, 35 lb KB on left. The other testosterone-fueled athletes were putting much larger weights overhead.

    wod – PP 48r@75 lb, KBS 43r@53 lb, BJ 50@20″. Numbers better than when we did a similar version back in December. But feel like I’m making real progress on the mental side — made it through all the “rests” without resting.

  3. Dick D

    Things started off ok but went down hill during TGUs. “Tweaked” my left hand/thumb/wrist during 2nd set. Managed to get through the morning but the pain got worse as the day has worn on. I guess I’ve been hanging with Brad too much. 🙂

    TGUs: 45-55 (bad technique and lack of focus caused me to damage my left paw here)-DNF
    WOD: Box 20″ =49
    PP 75# =38 (not comfortable)
    KB 25# rt arm only =54 (tried big boy KB but it hurt the paw)

    Good workout but I don’t think I’ll be doing much w the left hand for a day or two.

    1. brad

      Dick – pls send a link to a larger view of your avatar. It appears that we are working out with The Phantom….or Gumby…..not sure

      1. Dick D

        I tried to crop it differently this afternoon and switch it over. Not sure if I did everything correctly. It is pretty funny looking close up.

  4. buckeye75

    Matt, thanks for waiting fomr me to finish my phone calls. GLad you re-set me on the box ujumps. The WOD was a great workout.

    Tim, thanks for hanging for me and giving me inspiration. Looking forward to Saturday’s WOD.

  5. Tim M

    Wow, this one was tough – especially the ELECTRIC CHAIRS!!!

    TGUs: Managed to get 75# up w/the right arm but not the left. Backed off the weight and did 53 (KB), 55#(bar), 60#

    WOD: 53# KBs = 51reps, 20″ Box = 38reps, Pushups (didn’t want to do PP cuz of shoulder) = 64

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