WOD: 02-06-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-06-2010

Sometimes you just have to go back to where you started.  I started in CrossFit when this work out was new and scary to almost everyone.  Today was fun because I got to see the workout through a whole new generation of athletes eyes, still new and still scary.  Fear is an excellent motivator, Silverbacks you tore it up today!


Pull Ups x 25

Deadlift x 50

Push Ups x 50

Box Jumps x 50

Floor Wiper x 50

One Arm DB Clean & Press x 50

Pull Ups x 25

Created by MFT at Gym Jones

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  1. brad

    22:46 as rx’d except 20″ box and a mix of 35lb KB and 30lb DB. I think that was the slowest time, although I prefer to think that you all were blazing fast today and I was merely quick.

    For more info on the 300, cut and paste the link below. That Twight dude seems equal parts fitness guru, zen master, sadomasochist and nut job.


  2. Let’s see 8 days and 6 workouts.
    1- FGB
    2- Dumbell H3ll
    3- Burn Kyle (Another Crossfit Strong Day)
    4- Dealift/ Abmat/ run 400m x 3
    5- Filthy Dirty Thirty (modified)
    6- 300

    I can still type and I am actually not sore! This stuff works! Thanks Matt!

    22:42- Struggled on pull-ups both sets, did 20″ box as Tim beat me to the 24″ (Thanks Tim!), Mixed 35lb KB and 30lb DB on clean.

  3. Linda

    See what happens when you show up for a Saturday workout?! That will teach me…no really- I am glad I did this. I was (very) apprehensive when I saw it posted on the board, especially with floor wipers. I had only seen these on the videos and they looked hard. I really just did “280” because Matt scaled me to only 30 Deadlifts at 95#, so I can’t claim the “300” crown just yet. Did ring rows in place of pull ups and 12″ boxes for push ups and box jumps. Floor wipers with 45# bar and Cleans with 20# DB. My time….21:42. I saw some real “Spartan” warriors in the gym this morning. Laura, way to represent for the ladies and Lynn great working beside you.
    Guess what movie we will probably be watching this week.

  4. Laura

    Well I feel super accomplished having completed this one…..I DID IT! I think I was the slowest with a time of 23 something but I don’t care..I feel good about all of it…I tried hard and pushed myself in my head
    Thank you Zack and Brad for the extra encouragement…it really helped me keep pushing!

    did teal band for pull ups
    95# DL
    20″ box jumps
    REAL BOY pushups for ALL 50 REPS!!! 🙂
    75# windshield wipers
    25# DB cleans

  5. Tim M

    20:15 as RX’d except for Rt arm I used 25#DB for Clean/Press – This one was fun!
    Managed to do kipping Pull-ups for both sets of 25!
    Last set of pull-ups were hard and I was thinking we must be mad. Then I remembered . . . . . we’re not mad, WE ARE [Silverback] SPARTANS ! ! ! ! ! !

    Great job everyone. See ya next week.

    1. Linda

      Thanks for the evidence for your sanity hearing. “Your Honor, here is what is required for the 300 WOD and my husband called it “fun” please grant me power of attorney over all his funds” 🙂

      1. Tim M

        What are you talking about, I give you funds all the time:
        * I nickel-n-dime your shopping sprees
        * I routinely give you my ‘thoughts’ WITHOUT collecting a Penny
        * And . . . . I’m always giving you my 2-cents worth!

  6. Lynn

    Saturdays are so scary for me, I can never guess what I may end up accomplishing, but I wouldn’t of without everyone yelling at me (in a good way) and getting me through the WOD. Now I can start worrying about tomorrow morning! Happy Superbowling.

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