WOD: 02-08-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-08-2010

The athletes are proving more and more resilient.  The difficulty level on this one is most certainly going up.  Still, it’s always a gas to get out in the yard to play.  Well done Silverbacks.

Tire Flip x 50m

Sled Pull x 50m

Farmer Carry x 50m

Flying Burpees x 50m

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      1. Tim M

        OK, OK, “The Judge” was a name for a special type of Muscle Car, the GTO. My Gravatar, also a famous Muscle Car from the 70’s era, is a 1971 Dodge Challenger.

  1. Linda

    I have a new respect for “beasts of burden” after the sled pull. Got 3 in of my previous 1RM in Deadlifts. Thanks Drew for getting that 45# plate off of the sled for me. Great group to start the morning/week with.

  2. Gary

    I’m with Casey. We probably could have done another round since everyone was in under 5m. But Matt’s idea of adding in-and-out on those tires would certainly make one round much tougher and longer.

    I think I’ll start keeping my cleats in the car. Difficult to pull tire sleds with no traction.

  3. drew

    Great job everyone we had a great morning! I am so glad I have been coming to the 0500. Gonna agree that we could have done more on the WOD.

    Crushed my deadlift PR! 1RM was 315 did 325 5 times! Thanks for the advice and support everyone.

  4. Laura

    Well we (630p class) weren’t able to do the outdoor workout due to the weather…..but we got a good workout inside thanks to our creative Coach 🙂

    DL did 145 x 3, 175×3 195 x0 185×1 185 x 1 PR :/ wanted more….

    did WOD in 6:06
    21, 15, 9 deadlifts/burpees
    did 115# DL for WOD

  5. Dick D

    Would love to come in toomorrow morning but my hand is still sore and slightly swollen from last week. Looks like the outside stuff was fun!

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