WOD: 02-09-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-09-2010

Tabata Some More

Row for Calories

Ab-Mat Sit Ups


8 intervals of (20sec/10sec) each movement. 

1 min rest between movements

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  1. drew

    This looks like fun! I went to Hub City CF in Lubbock and did.
    20-> 1
    KB swings (40lb/30lb/40lb)
    Double Unders (elected scaled to double the amount of singles(
    Time~ 18:05

    See you in the morning!

  2. Casey

    Fun morning. I was glad I got to make it. I really like that Seal complex but I would like to try it backwards so I’m not so shot for the climber things at the end.

    4 stinking calories for my row 🙁
    14 sit ups
    19 yes, 19 and not 20 stinking squats, it went like this 22,21,20,20,20,20,19!!!!,20

  3. brad

    row – 6
    squat – 15
    su – 13. I had a lapse of focus (yes, Matt warns us about that) and lost it on the fourth or fifth set. Doh!

    Tim, Cassie – good group tonight. I felt pushed by both of you (and fwiw, Cassie, I think you can ditch the purple band)

    Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements, Casey. That’s a heck of a lot of squats in 3:50

  4. brad

    well, kids, Tabata Some More took its toll on me. I didn’t keep track of total reps but I clearly exceeded my totals for previous squat and situp sets. My knees and abs are feeling it. First time I scored it using the “lowest set” method and that contributed to the intensity. Didn’t want to lose my number (although I did in all three).

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