WOD: 02-10-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-10-2010

“Little Bear”

 As many reps as possible 2 min

(Performing first 3 movements of “The Bear” one of each performed continuous to previous movement = 1 rep)


Hang Power Clean

Front Squat

Burpees 2 min

Rest 2 min

3 Rounds

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  1. brad

    AKA full clean? (I’m sure I’ll pay for that insolence)

    Matt – my carefully laid plans aren’t working out. I can’t make tomorrow morning or evening so I’m going to try and do this tonight; likely 630p

  2. Dick D

    Broke and had the hand x-ray’d today. will find out results tomorrow. No way I could do this workout today. Any chance of getting some “gimp” exercises coach?

    1. Dick D

      that should read “broke down” . I don’t know that it is or is not broken. I just know that opening a ziploc bag hurts like h e double hockey sticks.

  3. Casey

    Little Bear…….sounds so sweet and innocent……….don’t let it fool you!! I really don’t even want to post my numbers…….Matt said I let the weight get in my head……….all I know is it got really heavy really fast.
    3-22……yes that is a big, fat 3…….I could not clean the weight on the last round. I deadlifted it about 12 times but only cleaned it 3……….yuck 🙁

  4. brad

    you could concoct your own blend of no-hand or one-hand exercises: run, box jumps, squat, dumbell clean and press. You could do yesterday’s wod if you can row with one hand.

  5. brad

    115 lb
    12-11 (second round of burpees was inadvertently shortened to 1:00)

    Great job, Linda, on your BS PR and burpees

    Back Fri 0500

  6. Linda

    Burpees!!! Finally did burpees in the WOD. Albeit sloppy but no more push ups with 12″ boxes. New PR in Back Squat of 120#
    WOD: 11/10, 11/6, 11/11
    Great Working with Brad and Jennifer. Thanks for your encouragement Nikko! Couldn’t have gotten that last burpee with out you and thanks for tearing down my bar after the WOD.

  7. Gary

    Nice to see Leslie and friend there for first time. Hope you all enjoyed it and plan to join us regularly. Believe me, you’ll see tremendous improvement in strength training as you get better at technique working with Matt.

    Back Squat last round at 275lb x 3 reps. Have yet to do a 1 RM.

    Little Bear at 95lb
    last round front squats was painful

    Still at work. Probably here till midnight, so not sure I’ll make it in tomorrow morning. I have a long work weekend ahead of me.

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