WOD: 02-11-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-11-2010

The same as yesterday: WHY?  Because we work our athletes so hard they don’t have to decide whether or not to take a day off, we give them one.  Take your pick between Wed and Thurs

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  1. Dick D

    Matt, thanks so much for letting Chris come in and workout. He can’t wait until he has more time to workout with the “Silverback”. I’m trying to get him to do some conditioning in addition to his lacrosse practices which are at times just technique and drills for games.

    And thanks for working around my hand injury.

    1. silverbackmattp

      My pleasure. 2 more years and he’s gonna be able to pick us up by the scruff of the neck. I don’t envy you the grocery bill.

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