WOD: 02-12-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-12-2010


For Time:

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters (m 45, f 30)

30 Pull Ups

When you are standing back from the workout you can really see the tremendous gains you all earned in just weeks.  I am thrilled to be coaching the Silverback Nation, now lets see just how far and fast this rocket can go.

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  1. Gary

    Haven’t met Jackie yet. Sad that I had to miss it. Looks like a good one. Work is killing me right now. Lot of late nighters ahead of me. Would much rather be sucking wind at Silverback.

    Have officially lost 10 lbs since Christina and I started working out at Silverback. Hoping those pullups will start coming easier now.

    Hope to see you all on Monday.

  2. brad

    Improvements coming more incrementally now; fewer big jumps, but making progress nonetheless.

    Jumped rope without any “consequences”
    Put 175 over my head 3 times (albeit over two sets), versus last time only 2x
    wod – 10:18. Hadn’t done this one before, but I put her in the same category as Helen, Elizabeth and Fran

    Mea culpa. I gamed the wod a little. Didn’t go all out on the row as I was staring at the pullup bar and dreading those 30 pullups. So I gave up maybe 20 seconds on the row to try and make it up on the thrusters and then have enough in the tank that I didn’t spend five minutes on the bar. Not sure that it really helped though.

    Shout outs to Zach for a strong push press performance, Drew and Linda for being the first ones off the rower. And to Gary and Tim a few days ago — impressive back squat numbers. I think Gary’s got a 300 1RM in him.

  3. Linda

    Push Press 65-75-85X-85X-75. Cannot be left unsupervised during strength, cannot get the correct total for #’s or the number of sets or reps. Thanks Lynn for keeping me honest. Thought my previous PR was 80# but could possibly be 85#.
    Did Jackie with ring rows in place of pull ups and 15# bar for Thrusters. Sorry Lynn, really meant to get to the heavier of the 2 thruster options, but like I said before I cannot figure out the correct total of weight. So I got the 15# bar and you got the 20# DB’s. You got a great time though. My time 11:08.
    Thanks Brad for the shout out, but I think Matt had to fiddle with Casey and Lynn’s rower so I got a slight head start.
    New incentive to work on Jump rope so I don’t have to pay the consequences….Burpees!

  4. Casey

    10:28 Better than last time. I just couldn’t seem to get going on the rower, thrusters, or pullups.

    Great job Linda and Lynn. Linda you finished first, period. Lynn great job on push press, you are getting so strong!

    Boys of the AM, great showing today.

  5. drew

    Unlike Brad and the rest of the 0500 crew I had lots of consequences!

    Great job this morning everyone!

    Thanks for the props Brad but my quick time on the C2 did not catapult me ahead. Arrived at the pull up bar at the same time as Zach and finished a two full minutes later than him. I find that just when you feel good about something your weaknesses are exposed. That is why I love this stuff.

    Weakness exposed today: Jump Rope and Pull up

    See you in the AM!

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