WOD: 10-13-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 10-13-2010

Saturday’s 9:00 Workout: You wanna know you gotta show! This is always a great gathering of our community and the best way to get introduced to CrossFit and the Silverback Nation.  Your current fitness level or experience is irrelevant, we will make it work for you.  If your new please come a few minutes early to get oriented.

Here is what happened:

Jones Crawl (+)

Deadlift (10,9,8,7…..1)

Box Jump x 10

Rest 1 min followed by a 500m row; if the row is not finished in the prescribed time limit the athlete will do another round of Deadlift x 5 and Box Jump x5 and repeat row with 10 sec added to the cut off, this will continue until the athlete is successful or “until the mind or body concedes”.

Brad "shares a moment" with the rower.

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  1. Dick D

    All I can say is that Drew is a rowing God. He smoked this thing today. Hats off for Drew.

    WOD: 190# DL, 1:44.9 (so I guess 1:45) on the 500m Row.

  2. Casey

    Oh Heaven’s Matt, Deadlifts and box jumps go together like chewing gum and peanuts! I almost hyperventilated before the WOD, I so did not want to “fail” on my row. In hindsight it was a great workout, Matt you did an awesome job mixing it up and getting us out of our comfort zones.

    I did 115lb deadlifts and the 20in. box 9:39 I finished the row in 2:07 which was my 500m pr row before coming to Silverback and my last pr was 1:57.
    Great Saturday group. Cassie thanks for coming to represent the Silverback Women!! Dick, Drew, Brad and Shoeless Joe Jim great job, you guys set the bar high.

  3. brad

    A lot of the athletes had their “A” game on today. Jim swinging the KBs FAST. Drew on the wod and the row – wow. Dick with his injured hand pulled a row faster than most. Casey, Cassie – great job as well.

    DL 205, 24″ box 11:38
    row 1:54

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