WOD: 02-15-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-15-2010


Tabata Big


KB Swings

Atomic Sit Ups

1 min work/30 sec rest x 3 on each movement

1 min rest between movements

Score total reps per movement


A year ago 300+ lbs, 2 months ago 30 squats was a work out, now look at Drew go!

Gary's refusal to stop during the work phases resulted in crazy high rep count and being named a source of dangerously high CO2 emissions by the Obama administration.

Laura and Tim, technique and intensity, great job guys.


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  1. Dick D

    Ok, can I do wall ball shots and one arm KBs? Looks like I’m gonna have to get creative. Weighted Vest with wall balls and KB swings?

      1. Tim M

        Just FYI gang – I’ve been looking for cheap or homemade weighted vests for quite some time now. The ones at Academy are expensive & only hold 20# of weights. I haven’t run across any on Criagslist or Ebay that were in good shape & I haven’t liked most of the homemade solutions. If you have any ideas in this area please let me know!
        Brad – you said you wanted a rope to climb . . . well that isn’t any fun unless you’ve got a 100# weighted vest strapped on!

      2. Dick D

        I’ll bring mine in this evening. I’ve got two. One was a gimme when I bought the other. MIR vest. Expensive but seemingly indestructible (sp). Now I’ve got to pshyc myself out for the orthopedic appt.

        See ya.

  2. brad

    Great big group at 0500 putting up great big numbers on the board. Eager to see other posts as I think there were some monstrous reps generated. My own, not so much with the exception of the situps

    ASU – 131
    Thr@75 – 44
    KB@53 – 59

    I want to call out Lynn for smoking me on the KBS. Nice job. And to Casey for her pistols; hard work pays off.

  3. brad

    Anyone interested in testing their endurance? The rodeo 10K run is Feb 27. We could represent by wearing our t-shirts (I assume we’ll have them by then). My only reluctance is that it’s at 9:30 or 10 in the morning, so we would miss the Saturday morning wod (and I’m already missing the 20th as we’re out this weekend).

    Registration is 75% full at this point so we’d need to make the decision pretty soon.

    Go to http://www.conocophillipsrodeorun.com/EN/registration/Pages/index.aspx for registration info

  4. Gary

    You guys must be joking right? Weighted vests? I have to admit that I have had thoughts of bringing an inflatable life vest for all the rowing and swimming we’ve been doing lately. Seriously,what would you use the weighted vests for outside of running?

    Good job this morning everyone. Lynn, you did great. Improving in leaps and bounds.

    I managed 96 KBs, 96 ASUs, 43 thrusters. Burn out by the last round on thrusters, but didn’t stop for KBs or ASUs. Endurance is getting better. Next time hope to make it through without stopping.

    So, I never heard. Who had the most situps – Drew or Casey? Casey, you set the mark. You’re like the team to beat everyday. Everyone guns for the team in the lead.

    By the way, liked the shoes Julie.

    1. Tim M

      Hey Gary. Strapping on a weighted vest is like having a big ‘ole beer-gut. It adds additional resistance to just about any exercise where the body is moved. A few examples are:
      Push-up, Pull-up, Burpee, Thrusters, rope climb, squats, etc
      You could also strap it on and do some Jump rope to build calf strength and further enhance your eye-hand coordination with the rope.

  5. Casey

    9 posts and I just turned my computer on!!!

    Gary, I’m with you……life vest not weighted vest 🙂 For the record Drew smoked me on the ASUs but Brad smoked him so I’m cool with that. I can’t believe how sore my shoulders still are from “swimming”.

    100 ASUs
    6? Thruster
    7? KBS
    The only one I remember for certain is ASUs b/c that was my last one. I will say the optimum order is Thruster/KBS/ASU.

    As far as pistols, this is the website I followed, he’s a bit granola but has some great information http://www.physicalliving.com
    just click resources and look for videos, I think pistol is the first one.

  6. Drew

    Casey I would hardly call 9 additional reps “smoking” someone. Now Brad did smoke me! BTW very impressive pistols this morning. I read the article and watched the video so now I will have to do the work.

    Thrusters 53
    KB Swings 6ty something (53lb)
    ASU’s 109

    1. Casey

      Okay, yes, Brad smoked us all on ASUs. Brad, if we do a running/atomic sit up WOD you’ll be home finishing your first cup of coffee before any of us call time!

      Drew, It may have only been 9 reps but it may as well have been 90 b/c I couldn’t catch you…….in my mind I got smoked. That’s okay, there’s always tomorrow 🙂

  7. Linda

    Wow, great way to start the week. Thrusters with 25# bar= 51, KB swings(35#)= 67, AtSU= 64. And just to see if I could……..2 GIRL PUSH UPS !!! Priceless. THANKS MATT!

    1. Tim M

      Woo Hoo ! ! Way to go Linda!
      From push-ups against the wall/bench to real girl push-ups in just 4months is amazing; you should be very proud!

  8. Dick D

    So the doc says I have two choices:

    1. Go as far as the pain will let me and it will “probably” feel close to normal in 6 -10 wks!

    2. Baby it and probably be close to normal in 2 – 3 wks.

    Either one stinks!

    Macho Me wants to keep going as per normal. Sensible me says just run, swim and work the legs for a couple of weeks and then get back into the groove.

    The jury is still out who will win.

    Matt do you need a designated photographer/watch specialist? I could also bring pom poms and some “Jim Dangle” (Reno 911) shorts (Matt will refer to them as UDTs I believe).

    1. Casey

      Dick, I say just throw on the green outfit from your gravatar and come in for some squat work, pistol progression and lunges……..please come at 5AM.

  9. Tim M

    Pistols on the floor were wierd. I could get down but after a certain depth I’d just fall backwards.I don’t know if it was balance, flexability, or both.
    Thanks for the advice on ‘leaning into it’ Laura – it really helped!

    I’m also excited that I was able to do Thrusters and it didn’t seem to have bothered my shoulder.

    Thrusters = 53 (75#)
    KBs = 81 (53#)
    ASUs = 84

    Great all-around workout!

    1. Laura

      No prob Tim! You aren’t far from not falling back on the pistols…I bet a couple more times of that being in the rotation and you’ll have it easy! 🙂

      Did 45# thrusters I think 67 or 69 times can’t member….
      Did 35# KB 72 times…
      Did 115 ASU

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