WOD: 02-18-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-18-2010

Same WOD, Different Athletes: Why? We expect our athletes to push themselves as hard as they can when they work out, so three consecutive days of training is the most that can be sustained before performance and motivation begin to degrade.  If you feel like five days straight is the way to go, maybe you need a tougher workout, we can help with that.

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  1. Gary

    Wasn’t quite sure what we were in for when Matt put up Swing & Shuttle. Kettle Bell Swings and Running, I’m very familiar with. Got a little nervous when he improvised and added SDs (Skunk Dodging), as well.

    This workout was a grind. Went 95# at 13:15m. Struggled through last 6 rds fighting a side cramp. Not sure, but it might have been a side effect from SDs.

    Very happy that I bested my DHP PR of 7-4-4 with 10-6-5. Feeling good about DHs, but would appreciate some Kipp tutelage, Casey, before the next time they’re included in the workout. Still have a mental image of myself last time I attempted those – looking more like a live fish on a stringer than a “Kipper”.

    1. brad

      The last thing George said to me, ‘Rock,’ he said, ‘sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Kipper.’

      sorry. couldn’t resist

      1. brad

        Oh c’mon, Laura. I know that I’m the “greybeard” of the group, but surely you’ve heard of “Win One for the Gipper”. A famous line from the movie Knute Rockne: All American. The role was played by a rather famous actor, Ronald Reagan.

      1. Gary

        In the middle of our skipping routine, a couple of skunks wandered across our path over by the building on the other side of the parking lot. We lost sight of one of them, which apparently decided to hide in those bushes up against the building, until we run up on it after one of our 180 runs. We smelled and heeded its warning. We definitely sped through the Swing and Shuttle to avoid any more conflict. Luckily, noone got hurt.

  2. Dick D

    Uhhmmm…I’d like to request a skunk free workout this evening. I’m in the middle of sleep deprivation and reaction time is not where it needs to be for said skunk dodging.

    Now I’m not skerred or anything….I’m just saying

    I’ll bring some tomato juice from now on to the workouts.

  3. Laura

    OMG Tim!!! haha!! an “ass cramp” haha!!! that’s funny!

    OK so I did 6, 4, 4 on the purple band for pull ups

    wod time was 13:07

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