WOD: 02-19-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-19-2010


Deadlift (2 min)

Kettlebell Swing (2 min)

Burpees (1 min)

Rest (2 min)

Record Reps for each movement per round.  Aim for the negative split.

Yep, that did the trick.

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  1. Dick D

    Morning endurance WOD: 3 x 1mile rest interval equal to mile times

    7:05, 6:50, 6:26

    slower than 5K pace but faster than 10K. Felt good but then again I haven’t been working out heavy at Silverback. We’ll see if I can stay consistent as I venture back into the standard WODs.

  2. Casey

    This was only my 3rd workout for the week but I was not feeling to fresh……..totally hit the wall on Deadlift…………..couldn’t seem to get moving on the WOD. Can’t remember any numbers. Please, someone else post who is a little more cheery 🙂

    Realized today that I am much, much more motivated when the WOD is “for time”……how many can you get in 2 min or AMRAP seem tougher for me mentally. And yes, I realize by publicly stating this fact Matt will make sure I train my weakness……….that’s why we’re all here right??

    Jim, I missed you today. Really. Lynn, Way to go on the 135 PR!!! Linda awesome 195lb Deadlift!!!! Christina, way to fight for it this AM!!

  3. Dick D

    Ok I’m in for Rodeo Run. Just registered and they are at 80 % capacity. so for you folks sitting on the fence your only excused absence would be attending Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Seminar in Wichita Falls (the price tag spooked me to the 10K side of the fence).

  4. Drew

    Great job everyone congrats on the PRs! I think everyone would agree that this was HARD! Gary don’t remember my numbers fromthe warmup. But have the WOD numbers.

    Dick we will be glad when you are healed! FYI there is a O lifting cert in Dallas in May.

    DL 55 32 37- 124
    KB 40 31 27- 98
    BP 12 10 11- 33
    Total is 255

  5. Linda

    What a week!
    KB(35#) 37-30-(25#)-45= 112
    DL(95#) 20-15-16= 51
    Burpee 7-5-5= 17
    Total= 180

    Great A.M. group. Lynn, rocked as my partner. Happy weekend everyone. Sending healing thoughts your way, Dick.


  6. Dick D

    geenkies Shaggy, that one was a smoker!

    3×3 DL = 255-295-315 (didn’t go heavy enough bc i didn’t fail)

    Really didn’t count that well. These are just educated guesses.

    DL: 45-50-34 = 129
    KB: 29-29-25 = 83
    Burpee: 17-11-15 = 43

    Uber Cool sign Matt.

  7. brad

    lots of numbers; your mileage may vary

    WU: 55 ASU, 61 SQ, 39 pushups (comp to 12/9/09 – 35, 41, 44; different order but definitely showing improvement)
    DL: 295, 315, 325
    KB 53, 41, 41
    DL 29, 25, 22
    Burpees 14, 12, 11

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