WOD: 02-20-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-20-2010

9:00 Saturday the Silverback Nation gathers.  The workout format is just a little different but always challenging and fun.  If you want to try CrossFit or our community for the first time Saturdays are always a great way to jump into the pool!

Here’s what happened:

The Chain (Your only as strong as the weakest link)

Athletes divided into teams of 3

Row x 2,000m

Ab-Mat Sit Up


Athlete 1 is on the rower 2 on ASU and 3 on Squats.  The team must collectively row the 2k.  If an athlete pauses or stutters on the the movements they rotate positions (squats moves to rower, asu moves to squats etc.).  Any member can call a switch at any time.  Remember the longer you fight on the rower the slower you move and the more reps everyone does, too many transitions and you go to slow.

With supporters in tow, Lynne finishes Silverback style: strong!

So you think you can dance?

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  1. buckeye75

    Great workout this morning. Matt and Casey made a good team to set the standard. The shirts look great. Gong to the mall this afternoon just to show the off!!

  2. Casey

    This workout was so much fun!! Probably not fair that I got to be Matt’s partner and he is a ridiculous rower. I also really enjoyed the warm up….the fast pace. I would like to see that as a WOD with like 3 rounds, which means Matt will make it 5 or 7………..nevermind.

    I LOVE my shirt!! I did get a lot of stares in Panera this morning…….that’s good!

  3. drew

    Sound like workout was great! Sorry I missed it but had fun at swimming lessons.

    I did my own CF today silverback style
    KTD 400m + joint mobility
    W/U jump rope 4min no consequences just working on skill!

    Strenght Pull ups 3x max reps
    DH 6-4-3

    WOD 3x
    20 push ups
    30 airsquats
    Time 9:46
    Wish I had my shirt for all of those people fishing who were staring at me!

  4. Dick D

    Just woke up from my “gorilla nap”. I don’t know which was more tiring: CF Silverback or chasing a 3 yr old while trying to watch my son’s lacrosse game. Chowed down at Fuddruckers with the kids and by the time I got home I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

    Great work from everyone this morning. That was good stuff. Nice format. I think throwing Burpees in there with 4 person teams would notch it up even better. (I’m ducking under the desk right now so I don’t get hit by flying objects coming through the internet. That’s possible right Tim?)

    Gonna put the 15 yr old through some CFSilverback in the garage today and tomorrow. Wish me luck. Have a great weekend everyone

    “The Green Latern”

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