WOD: 2-22-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 2-22-2010

For Time:

Row 20 cal

Back Squat x 20

Ab-Mat Sit Up x 20

Wall Ball x 20

3 rounds

Designed for teams of 3 or 4, rest period is the wait for the rower.

(Frankly, this one just did not come together as envisioned, while everyone’s individual effort was outstanding the intensity of the team component never came together, not because of the athletes but because of my design.  I owe you one Silverbacks).

Scaling means, every one suffers equally.

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  1. Gary

    Good crowd this morning. Still a good work out Matt – especially the quads. AbMats were a nice break after squats. Was afraid you were going to throw in Electric Chair for an active rest.

    Worked up to 3 Reps x 295lbs today. Will try 300+ next time, Brad. Thanks for the coaching and encouragement.

  2. TimM

    JUMP ROPE CLINIC ON SAT, MAR.13th ! ! ! ! ! !
    Hi all, Over the last few months I’ve had several requests for a Jump Rope clinic so I’m going to hold one on Sat, Mar.13th, after the WOD (about 10:30AM if you can’t make the WOD for some reason). There will be a Sign-up Sheet on the white-board starting tomorrow morning. Our Gorilla-In-Chief will set the fee but it will nominal (this time). C-ya, Tim

  3. brad

    Matt – no need to apologize. If someone didn’t like this morning’s program, then they don’t know SQUAT. Really, it was a very HIP program. If you thought the large group would HAMSTRING your efforts to put together a great routine, you were wrong. The QUAD of exercises that formed the wod were challenging. All I KNEED now is some advil.

  4. Casey

    Very impressive Brad.

    Rower, back squat, walll ball…………I could live without the combination.

    Nice to see new faces….LeeAnn, Leslie and Karen.

    Van has an early flight tomorrow so I’ll see you guys Wednesday.

  5. drew

    Matt the workout was great. I am not creative as Brad, but I like any workout that has these four exercises (my favorites).

    I am with Gary, going over 300 on the next 3 x 3, thanks for the coaching on squats this morning,really appreciate all the hard work and camaraderie in the Silverback nation.

    Jump Rope Clinic!!! I am in!!! I need this more than anyone! No more consequences…

  6. Dick D

    Drew and Gary, I’m dreaming of 300 on the 3×3. I need to do some serious work on my little chicken legs to get there. that and 400 Deadlift are markers I’m looking at for the future.

    Today I felt ok but those dang rows got me at the end (tried to “coast” in to the 20 cal mark and missed big time penalty there). finished in 13:04. 3×3 was something like 225,245,255 (pr).

    Now I’m gonna go dig out my thermal stuff that I packed away already (I know, I know it’s my fault that it got cold again).

  7. Linda

    Part of the 5:30 pm group, yes, a group at 5:30 pm. Welcome to Johnny and Randy. Back squat PR 115-125-130#. Did WOD with 45# bar for squats (was hoping for air squats when I saw the post). Did anyone else s legs get noodle y after rowing and then trying to do back squats? Wall balls were my limiting factor to this WOD. finished in……wait for it…….21:??

  8. Tim M

    BS’s were 225-275-280(x2)
    WOD was 13:43
    I guess my legs were smoked cuz I went into a REAL low-gear everytime I did the Squats (135# BTW).

    Great job Randy & Johnny – welcome to the Box!!!

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