WOD: 02-23-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-23-2010

If you ain’t moving weights you better be moving fast!

Jump Rope 2 min

Burpees x 40 for time

1 min rest (begins when last athlete finishes).

Jump Rope 2 min

Mountain Climbers (4 count) x 20 for time

1 min rest

Jump Rope 2 min

Push Ups x 40 for time

The athlete should finish each event with a separate time.

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  1. buckeye75

    Tim / Dick; great job teaching the class today. A suggestion; yell more! I enjoyed this WOD and am feeling it as I compose this comment.

    1. Dick D

      I was timid with the motivation I’ll admit. I didn’t want to go at it like I do with some of the guys at work. Duly noted. Hence forth said motivation will ensue. I’ll try not to over do it. Thanks Jim. Big shoes to try and fill (I think I’m built more like a chimpanzee or spider monkey than a Silverback).

      1. brad

        Dick – call me when you get a chance to discuss Saturday. Also, I’m picking up the race packet tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll pick up yours if they allow that


        Who’s coaching 530p?

    2. TimM

      Thanks Jim. I guess we haven’t had the years of ‘boisterous-ity’ training/experience that Matt has. So I’m ready for you next time, I’ll practice yelling at Linda & the kids (just kidding dear!).

  2. Lynn

    Thanks Guys – Appreciated all your help this morning.

    Corri – glad you were there this morning so I didn’t have to be the lone girl.

    1. TimM

      Lynn – you and Corri did great this morning! Linda thought I should have scaled you because it was tough (push-ups in particular), but I think you rose to the occasion and got an excellent workout in; GREAT JOB ! ! !

  3. Drew

    Great Job this morning everyone. Dick and Tim thanks so much you did great, thanks for the corrective action on the Jump Rope I am looking forward to the clinic.

      1. TimM

        I’ve actually got rope on the list – two for climbing and two for ‘pullin-stuff’. Just a matter of looking around for a good deal.

    1. TimM

      Hmmmm, chains aye?
      For resistance-squats I’ve been thinking about bands, not really chains. I’ll have to check into cost and availability of heavy chains. Good idea.

  4. Linda

    For those who like to track results check this out- Crossfit tracker at Crossfit strong in Dallas. Heard them on Crossfit podcast and sounds like a great overall site. we can blog. track results and it has lots of neat stuff for Matt too.

  5. brad

    Yep, the consumption of Kool Aid at CFSB seems to have increased considerably — weighted vests, jump squats, chains, clinics, ropes, trackers, podcasts (go Linda!).

  6. Casey

    8:37 sleeping in for time πŸ™‚

    After a pretty rough morning which consisted of spelling tests, spilled coffee, math facts and me locking myself in the bathroom for an “uninterrupted” 30 min shower…… my 9yo concluded that our mornings go much better when mom goes to Crossfit!

    CFSB, miss a little, miss a lot!

  7. Tim M




    1. buckeye75

      Tim; I sent Matt a text message last night that the Stewarts would take Wednesday off and attend the Thursday class. How many showed this moring?

      1. Casey

        Tim and Dick,
        Thank you for being there this AM. It was a fun workout. I promise not to tell Matt about all the rest you let us take in the warm up if you promise not to tell him how much we need ring dip work…….deal?

        Drew, You just get more and more interesting by the week! Thank you for letting me chase you this morning………you know very well if the tables were turned you would have done the same thing πŸ™‚

  8. Niko

    Greetings Silverbacks

    I’ll be hitting up Thursday night ( 6:30p ) as I have an appointment to practice the ballistic arts this evening. See you guys then. Thanks again Dick for the motivation on Monday and Tuesday. I’d say I hit the “wall” but it felt like the wall hit me.


  9. laura

    OK OK OK I can’t take it anymore!! What’s the darn workout?!!! Is someone going to be there with me at 630p
    am I working out alone??

    1. Dick D

      At a minimum there will be either Tim M, myself or both. Not sure about anyone else. the WOD is a Tabata. 4 movements (it’s top secret can’t tell which ones) done Tabata style! you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Sleepyjingli (Julie)

    Finally found this place.
    Now I know what everyone is talking about in the morningsοΌšοΌ‰οΌ‰
    Thank you for helping me with the DIP. I know I can be such a cry baby some times.
    It is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for being such a gentle torturer:)
    Good to know you are safe and sound.
    When we arrived this morning, Tim was writing the Torture List. For a moment, I thought you grew a head full of hair over night….I guess that’s why I am the SLEEPYJINGLI.
    It is a privilege to work out with wonderful people like you all.

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