WOD: 02-24-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-24-2010

Tabata Something: Each movement performed for 8 rounds of 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest with 1 min rest between movements. 

Ring Dips

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Push Ups


Score either by total repetitions performed or the lowest number on any one movement in a single round, whichever motivates you more.

2 Responses

  1. brad

    There were some HUGE numbers posted on the board. Way to go Silverbacks!

    SQ 144
    RD 37
    SU 121
    PU 60
    Total 362

    The ring dips took their toll. I had nothing in the tank by the time I got to the pushups. But compared to standard Tabata This (pullups instead of ring dips), my total is 50 points higher.

  2. TimM

    Squats – 165
    Dips – 53
    Situps – 89
    Push-Ups – 83

    Great exercise but MAN am I going to feel it tomorrow (2nd day after is always worse for me). Huge kuddos to Randy & Johnny who only took 1-day off after their 1st X-fit WOD; I know you guys were sore, way to push through!

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