WOD: 02-26-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-26-2010

Jackie’s ugly sister


Row 1000 m

Box Jumps 40

Thrusters 30

Pull Ups 20


0500 Silverbacks at full throttle!

As Linda gets stronger, Tim contemplates how much less he can get away with at home.

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  1. drew

    I was hoping for a name like “stomach pump” given my experience this morning.

    Great job Lynn, very impressive morning! Everyone put out max effort today.

    Thrusters 135-155-165(pr)
    WOD 10:50

  2. brad

    Great group this morning

    Thrusters 135, 155, 165 PR ( Previous 1RM was 160. Gee, thanks, Crossfit Silverback)
    WOD 10 or 11 something. Christina was kind enough to write down my time but my brain didn’t register.

    Truth be told, I prefer Jackie’s ugly sister to Jackie. I like the addition of box jumps (or steps in my case) and the heavy thrusters

  3. Tim M

    Great group at 5:30 too!
    Very impressed to see Johnny & Randy show up for their 3rd workout of the week – after not exercising for years. I think I took a week off after my first Xfit WOD.
    Skipped the heavy Thrusters because of my shoulder.
    Did the WOD in 12:33 with 24″, 95#, and KPU.
    Great Job on the WOD Lauren! I barely beat you on the Row & the Box Jumps . . . . then you BLEW past me on the Thrusters & PUs!

    And a big call-out to Corrie (Sp?) and Linda on the heavy Thrusters; you gals rocked it!

  4. Linda

    OMGosh! I did it! Thrusters #75. Then for the WOD I did 45# for Thrusters, 30 of them! Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Did Pull ups(?) Ok, Tim did a one- arm Linda lift with the red band to get my final pull ups in. Great way to end the week! 🙂 Corri, you rocked on thrusters. Way to work through the WOD Randy, Johnny, Tim and Lauren.

  5. brad

    ding-ding-ding-ding-ding we have a winner! The most clever and funny caption to date. It corresponds perfectly to Tim’s expression.

    Way to go Linda!

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