WOD: 02-27-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 02-27-2010

Saturday: Always a little different, always fun and everyone is welcome come try one out.

Here’s what happened.

Warm up- “Battle of the Sexes” 50m relay race with tire sleds (3 pulls per team member).

WOD: “Screaming Sevens” relay

Athletes in teams of two

7 push ups

7 box jumps

7 wall balls

7 rounds each athlete.

A1 rests while A2 performs movements and we don’t give out participation ribbons, fight to win or don’t bother.


Only his second workout and Steve tackles the sled like a veteran, welcome to the Silverback Nation

Leslie showed up for her first dose of Saturday WOD medicine too.

It was a strong dose. Welcome to the Silverback Nation Leslie

New and experienced athletes alike put in great effort and we had alot of fun. Thank you Silverbacks!

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  1. Tim M

    GREAT workout, I love the ‘Screamin Sevens’!
    Glad to have Jim as a partner – we’ll put Casey & Drew in their place next time, haa, haa.
    Nice to meet Steve & Leslie – great effort by both of you !
    I think our time was 10:13

    1. brad

      52:36. A good, but not great time. But I’ve never been a competitive runner so you have to look at this result in context. My last run of this length was about two weeks before joining CFSB and my pace then was slower than yesterday. I’ve only run 12 miles over the last three months (other than our 400m KTD runs) Hmmm. CFSB’s program of strength bias and intense metcons with lots of interval work clearly has worked. Haven’t lost a step. Then I compared yesterday’s result to my 5 – 8 mile times from 15 years ago when I was doing marathons and running 20 – 25 or moremiles per week. My pace yesterday was consistent with my average (not PR) pace from back then (and I was in my early to mid 30s back then!). Clearly Crossfit in general and Crossfit Silverback has enabled me to maintain, if not improve, my medium-term endurance even though most of our work is in short time domains. And no doubt I’m stronger now, and operate at a more intense level. Matt – I had my doubts but the results prove it. Kudos to your program.

      Unfortunately Dick was under the weather and couldn’t make it.

  2. Casey

    Great job Brad!

    Saturday was a blast! Drew, I am sitting on your sled next time……..that would only be fair. I did so enjoy being your partner in the WOD………it was better than chasing you that’s for sure! Tim and Jim, Bring it on………..want a rematch??
    Linda/Steve and Lynn/Leslie- Awesome job!! Way to push……..the end of that workout was the feeling that keeps me coming back for more.

  3. Dick D

    Sorry to back out at the last minute Brad. My stomach is still not right. Doubt I make it to the box in the morning. Trying to let this thing run it’s course without relying on meds too much.

    It’s very encouraging to hear your results compared to old times and a new way of training. The results can’t lie. Does this mean that CF will get me back to my 25 year old paces? One can only dream. Of course I weighed about 150 lbs and couldn’t lift a feather pillow.

    See ya sometime this week.

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