WOD: 03-01-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-01-2010

Clean & Press Interval

Power Clean

Push Press

(Max reps 2 min)


(Max reps 1 min)

Rest (2 min)

3 Rounds

Cleans and Presses: good.

Burpees: Always good.



Both combined into 15 min of interval work: Priceless!



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      1. brad

        Yep. Drew was right in front of me, and from my oxygen-deprived perspective he was getting after it. He earned the nap.

        PP 185
        WOD @ 95 19-12, 15-12, 17-13

        Nice numbers and effort from the rest of the crew

        Dick, Gary – hope to have you back soon.

  1. drew

    Great workout this morning everyone! Matt that hurt much more than it looked like it would.

    New push press PR 185! Gotta get over 200 soon! Props to Brad for Body weight+ push press.


    Looks like it takes me 4.6 seconds to do a burpee. Sounds slow huh!

  2. Casey

    I FINALLY got 100+ lbs over my head!!! I thought I did 115 but it might have been 105…..I started questioning my math once I got home…….. I do know however it’s over 100lbs and I am thrilled!

    Lynn, You were awesome this morning………75 is calling your name and way to go on the negative split………Jim better look out, I think things might start to shake up around the Stewart household!!

    Great WOD aside from the fact I nearly knocked myself out during the process- I push pressed my 65lbs right into my chin. Aside from my pride, I’m just fine.

  3. Gary

    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon – maybe tomorrow. But after working till 2-3am the last 4 nights has taken its toll. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope to see you all tomorrow morning, if I get to bed early enough tonight. May be another long one.

  4. Linda

    Thanks Nikko for helping with the push press. Tried for 95# and 90# but got 85# (PR). Did WOD with 45# bar. 18/8, 18/7, 17/6. Great group tonight!

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