WOD: 03-02-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-02-2010

“Three Laps”

Row 500m

Back Squat x 20

Pull Ups x 15

3 rounds  with rest inbetween equal to the completed round.

Brad's great results stem largely from his willingness to suffer.

Laura pushes her limits as well.

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  1. drew

    Great job this morning everyone. Julie way to knock it out on the front squats and the WOD . Did I mention I hate pull ups! I need to get stronger or lose more weight so I can get off the band and kip!

    225 was a bad choice. Glad I went down to 185 on the WOD.

    PR on the front squat 245lb!

  2. sleepyjingli (julie)

    I really want to ask someone just shot me on the third round of rowing.
    Handy men out there, Christina and I want to know what kind of tool can cut the line on that cursed machine.
    Front squat PR 75lb. I have to keep remind myself don’t get to ambitious on increasing the weight. I really don’t want have boulders start to show on my body. I want strong but still feminine:)

    1. silverbackmattp

      Go as heavy as you possibly can, as long as you are not using any materials labeled “for equine use only” you will not get “boulders” any more than I will grow boobs. Look at the top CrossFit females, long, lean, strong and feminine.

  3. silverbackmattp

    I almost forgot. 4:02, 4:37, 4:28 and yes Drew 225 was too heavy. But I do have an ape as a mascot for Pete’s sake.

    1. brad

      Good God, Matt. 225 for 60 reps in a timed wod? Yeah, heavy.

      My #’s

      FS 235 (PR; my FS has gone through the roof. Increased by 40 lbs in less than 3 months, and I think I had more in me last night)
      WOD w/ 155 DL – 4:19, 4:54, 5:13

      Props to Cassie for the kipping pullups, Niko for the fastest back squat in the wod, Laura for rowing (even though she doesn’t acknowledge it) and Gonzalez for showing up for #2!

  4. Linda

    Front Squat 95-100-105-110(PR).
    WOD: 6.09
    Wish I could remember what weight I was using for the front squat during the WOD. Great group this am. Julie, I couldn’t tell the rowing was getting to you. You looked strong all the way through the WOD.

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