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AMAZING Silverbacks!!!


This week  stood out even among the Silverbacks’ usual overachieving, meeting your PR’s and goals at an ever faster pace, testimony to your  dedication and willingness to push limits. 

  • Saturday Brad ran the Houston Rodeo 10k and recaptured some of his youth running 6.2 miles at a pace comparable to when he ran 20 miles a week nearly a decade ago, with  only 12 miles run in the last 4 months since joining the Silverbacks. 
  • Even better, 5 days later Brad pulled his previous Deadlift 1 rep max (with form) for a triple.  
  • Four female athletes; Casey, Linda, Cassie and Christina all broke the 200lb barrier on deadlifts. 
  • Casey polished off the week with another PR, 10 un-assisted pull ups.  

Daily I see enormous gains in strength, skill and understanding.  Thank you for your trust in my coaching and remember, never give ground, stay on the offensive and victory will follow.  “Fortes fortuna juvat” Fortune favors the strong.

Cassie focuses for her 225 PR, one of 4 female athletes to crack 200lb this week. VERY SILVERBACK LADIES!



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  1. sleepyjingli(julie)

    Talking about Rodeo Run, I did 5K with my son. I run with him the whole time without stopping. The last 100M, I actually sprinted the whole way which is never happened before. This is the first time after a long run I didn’t hug a tree and through-up all my guts and all.
    Many Thanks go to the whole team, who came in the wee hours, and showed their determination that inspires me to push myself just little more.
    And Matt, thank you for being a tough but caring trainer.
    I will like you more if you please write the “R” backward next time you have to use that letter:))

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