WOD:03-05-2010 – CrossFit Silverback



“The Long Haul”

I thought I had worked the kinks out of the timing issues on this one, sorry for running over this morning.  However, it was interesting to see the looks on certain peoples faces who realized their team mates had been paroled and were leaving them behind to tackle the third round.

500m row

40 Ab-Mat Sit Ups

30 SDHP w/KB

20 Box Jumps

10 Push Ups

rest (equivelant to single round time)

3 rounds with an individual time for each round

Warming up with team tire flips is always easier when you have a guy named Bear on your team.

Athletes helping athletes between rounds.

"Pit Row" looking forward to the next round.

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  1. TimM

    Allright gang, last plug for tomorrow – Still calling for PERFECT weather!!

    Drop by at 9AM for a great workout, then hang around to help out with the ‘Work-Party’. I’ve got about a dozen tasks that need to be accomplished; everything from painting to hanging signs to cleaning up/out lumber.
    For lunch I’ll be providing a paleo meal; grilled Teriyaki chicken, grilled asparagus, and of course beverages!

    Hope to see you all there!

    1. buckeye75

      Lynn and I will participate right after the 09:00 work-out. Can stay until approx. 12:00 – 12:30 as our daughter and my future son-in-law are coming into town. Put us to work and work us hard for the time you have us.

      Speaking of time, Matt, the workout was grueling but so good. The “tire trouble” was great.

    2. sleepyjingli(julie)

      We are leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow.
      For a girl love tools , I hate to miss the Work-Party.
      If I could be there, Tim, all you need to do is hand me a hammer or a chain saw, I promise I will do a good clean job with those cursed machines:)
      I will pray for great weather for all of you.
      Have Fun and be safe.

  2. Christina

    Today’s workout was hard but good. I wish I could have finished but I had to get to work. Sorry for bailing on you Lynn! I heard you were left to face round 3 without me and did a great job – so proud of you. See you sometime next week when we get back from camping.


    1. Lynn

      I’ll forgive you Christina, thanks for sticking with me as long as you could. this was definitely a tough one, and I’m still tired from it!

  3. sleepyjingli(julie)

    On the third round of rowing, I closed my eyes and told the machine I don’t hate it, and please give me a break. But it didn’t lighting up for me at all…. So, now I am officially allergic to the letter R:)

    The rest of the workout was great. It is always so encouraging to see fellow team mates work so hard along side with me.

  4. Tim M

    Dead-hangs were 7-5-4. Gotta work on them this summer.
    Rounds were 5:58, 6:12, & 6:25
    I’m glad there wasn’t a 4th round, I was pretty well spent after the 3rd

    Corri & Linda were great tire-flippin partners – and that was some nasty-hard work!

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