WOD: 03-08-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-08-2010

“Bumper Plates’ Revenge”

Tabata Thrusters

Full 8 rounds of (20 sec work / 10 sec rest)

Athletes may not put the weights down or on their back for the entire duration finish with 25m of lunges for time.

Johnny runs into Thrusters for the second time and the first time going heavy. Welcome to the Silverback Nation Johnny

Many Silverbacks consult a higher power during Tabata movements, Heavy Tabata Thrusters was like holding a 4 min church service

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  1. Casey

    Nice warm up today Matt. You really should try and not show so much favoritism and do all the things I love- mix it up 🙂

    My final tabata number was 6, which Drew informed me was pretty good. I did the lunges in 22 sec. maybe? I was just trying to beat Zach since his legs are 12ft. long and I have to do 2 for every one lunge he does…….I didn’t even know we were being timed!

    The box looks so good. Thanks for being so organized Tim and putting us to work. Johnny and Jim I love the benches! Lauren the bathroom is next……..it needs a woman’s touch!

    1. TimM

      We installed paper towels to dry your hands – that wasn’t enough? You’re not going to do the pink-foam toilet seat thing now are you??

  2. drew

    Well, Casey, since 4 was a struggle for me I thik 6 is impressive. Went something like 10-7-6-4-4-4-4-4. I was not going to let 4 go! Casey beat me on the lunges and I also did not know we were being timed.

    1. Casey

      Drew, I wouldn’t sweat the lunges. Matt said in the sprinting this AM you left us all in the dust……and you weren’t even mad at anyone this morning!

  3. buckeye76

    Today was the finish of my 13 weeks of “trying” crossfit and the numbers don’t lie. Here they are:

    60 – days of working out (minus two days / week rest and a few days missed due to weather or travel)
    22 lbs – lost
    34 – waist size of my pants moving towards 32
    04:30 – a very familiar time in the morning
    24 – vertical box jump
    36 – days before my 52nd b-day

    I am feeling leaner, stronger (body and mind), and more confident. Crossfit knows no age or boundaries. No longer “trying” Crossfit, living it.

    I want to thank:
    • my son, Zach for introducing me to Crossfit.
    • Matt for stopping me in mid-sentence that Saturday as I stated I wanted to go to the gym to get in shape … and working with me to re-ignite the fire inside. Keep yelling at me.
    • to the SIlverback community for being supportive and a great community

    See you all at 05:00

    1. Dick D

      Now that Sir is the most inspiring thing I’ve read in quite some time. I can feel the electricity in your message. I hope to be that fit/strong at 52. I introduced my son to crossfit and I’m afraid I may have created a monster. I have to tell him to concentrate on Lacrosse until the season is over. He wants to get into the Douglas Box in the mornings or evenings after practice. I forgot how energetic I was at that age (15). Amazing the drive kids have when they really get pumped about something.

      Thanks for bringing your dad to us Zach. Now let’s here from Mom.

    2. Casey

      I was just telling Lynn at the work day how far you have come since the Saturday you came to “watch” the workout! Thanks for sharing all your accomplishments and inspiring the rest of us!

  4. brad

    Jim – what a testimonial. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see your numbers at one year.


    The good – thruster 1RM PR of 175
    The bad – ankle still can’t handle an all out sprint
    The ugly – a big, fat, round score of 3 on the wod

  5. Linda

    Jim, great post, testify-man-testify. Feel kinda iffy on the warm up, but it was different. Thrusters 65-75-85-95(X) PR. And our number of the day…..4! for the WOD.

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