WOD: 03-09-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-09-2010

For time:


Sumo Deadlift High Pull (10,9,8,7…….1)

Atomic Sit Ups (1,2,3,4……10)

Drew put a hurtin' on 115lb SDHPs', all 55 of them! Very Silverback.

Laura hauled 75lbs at her first 0500 workout, after leaving at 7:30 last night, not recommended but respected.

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  1. drew

    Great job everyone! Fast and furious workout. Pull ups were fun. Matt looks like we need to move on the pull up station.

    When I cam to CFSB in december I could barely do one dead hang today I did the first 14 with no bands. Very exciting for me. Ready for Fran!

    ps still waiting for OHS

  2. Laura

    GREAT JOB everyone! 🙂
    This one wasn’t too bad…well except for the waking up at 415AM part.. 😉
    did 75# SDHP
    time was 7:06

  3. Betsy

    Bob, Doug, Sheila, Harry and Bill,
    It was great doing the seal complex with you guys this AM!

    Did 75lb SDHP for 10,9,8,7 and then Matt wisely moved me to 53lb kb…….I was disappointed at first but I wasn’t getting high enough and we both knew it. Thanks Matt.

    1. buckeye75

      Susie; it was enjoyable working out with you this morning. Hope you make it a habit.


      Steve, Sam, Louie, Jackie, and Rupert

  4. Linda

    Whaaa, I did 55 SDHP with the 45# kettle bell??! Gaining more confidence with the red band and pull ups. Don’t know where the “Christina Yip” came from, but I really think it helped me get my chin over the bar a couple of times. Great group this morning. Hard to do pull ups while laughing at Jim’s comments.

  5. Tim M

    LOVE the Seal-complex. Brad, Cassie, and Nico ROCKED it tonight too!
    Did the WOD in 4:48 w/95#. I know, too quick – should have gone to 105#.

    Great effort everyone!

  6. Dick D

    Ok this whole CF thing is out of control! I just reorganized my hotel rm in London so I could do the Ultimate stretch since the hotel “gym” is too crowded with “equipment”. On a bright note they have a rower! Now if I can just find a place to do box jumps and pullups I’m good. Take care and hopefully I’ll see yall Friday night.

    1. TimM

      PUs from the light fixtures & BJs onto the bathroom sink. And I guess if you wanted you could use the TV for Kettle Bell swings (extra credit).

      Travel safe Dick!

  7. Dick D

    Gym turns out to be a local place for nearby residents. so I’m in the rm doing:

    10-20-30-40-30-20-10 of

    atomic situps

    maybe then the crowd will have moved out. If not then I think I see a Guiness in my future

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