WOD: 03-12-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-12-2010

“Silverback Exam”

As many reps as possible in 2 min of each of the following:

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Pull Ups


Row (meters)

1 min rest between each

Corri visually verifies that she is chest to deck on every push up.

Cassie is working hard on finding a whole new intensity!

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  1. Laura

    I’m so sad I haven’t been able to come work out! I am working a lot since Gabriel is with his dad for spring break. I will be there MONDAY…working ALL weekend long 🙁

  2. drew

    Bummed I missed the exam! Did a modified angie this morning 100 each squat, atomic sit up, push up time was 12;51 went really slow on push ups.

    Also will be back monday morning coming to the 6am. My wife wants to come and I am off that day so 6 works well for us. I am sure tomorrow will be a fun!

  3. Casey

    Really enjoyed this WOD. Drew I really missed you this morning!
    Shout out to Linda, Lynn, Christina, Leslie and LeeAnn who all rocked the push press today! You girls are strong!

  4. brad

    c’mon, let’s see those big numbers; I know there were a bunch of them this morning

    PP- 190 (PR)
    pushups – 56
    squats – 85
    pullups – 26 (horrible kipping; I’m as fluid and lithe as a 2×12)
    situps – 77 (what happened to that second minute?)
    row – 543m

  5. Linda

    How do I tell if I passed or failed the exam?
    Strength push press 75-80-85-90(x)PR.
    Push up: 4 yes, I know, 4! the rest were me falling to the floor and pushing the floor away.
    Sit Up: 44
    Pull Up: 16 with red band
    Row: 440m
    Squat: 62

  6. drew

    OK take home test this morning.

    Push up 60
    Sit Up 79
    Squat 102
    All out on the elliptical for two minutes I went 0.22 miles.
    No place to do pull ups so my exam score will suffer.

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