WOD: 03-13-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-13-2010


  We try to focus on the fun of CrossFit while still getting in a tough workout.  It’s always different and always fun to get the whole gang together for some tears (laughing and crying).

Here’s what happened:

4 Athletes per team

Team tire flips 100m (no limitations or rules except you have to flip the tire to move it.)

Team Member number 1 pulls the sled 100m while; TM 2 does Burpees, TM3 KB swings and TM4 Flutter Kicks until TM1 continuous until TM1 returns with the sled.

Repeat 100m Tire Flip and rotate exercises until each athlete has pulled the sled once. (four rounds total)

First flip and "the race is on"

Jim made easy work of the sled....at least it looked easy.

A big tire takes big effort!

Despite best efforts and "snazzy" shoe laces, Casey could not catch her team up.

Silverbacks 1, tires 0. Great effort leads to great results. Come on out and join the picture you might even get in a workout.

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      1. Casey

        I was not pleased with the shoelaces comment………my shoes are so cute, but you’re right, they didn’t help that tire flip any faster.
        Zach and Gary definitely carried the workload for our team………. Cassie, I appreciate you picking me but I just wasn’t strong enough and I hate that 🙂

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