WOD: 03-15-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-15-2010



Hang Power Cleans 21-15-9

Squats x 50 (between each HPC sets)

For Casey’s B-day we decided to give her, her own workout with her two favorite exercises.  The two deadhang pull ups she did this morning she earned all on her own.

Full extension then the pull made each rep easier but focused the intensity of Tim's workout overall.

Dick's son Christopher joined us to prove the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I have known dozens of athletes who all wish they had found CrossFit when they were Cristopher's age. No matter what your age, march down this road and you will love where it leads!

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  1. Casey

    I really did love this workout………love these two exercises! 5:15

    Just to clear up the matter, I got 2-3-2 dead hangs for a total of 7 on the day!! That was just thrilling for me……….Matt, you were right, of course……….if you’re at CFSB you’re getting strong.

    1. Casey

      Thanks for not beating me on my birthday Drew!
      Meredith, It was great to meet Drew’s better half this morning. Before you know it you will be the one going on and on about burpees!

  2. brad

    Welcome to the new folks – Brian? and Stacy? – this morning (my brain is not fully functional at 0500 so details like names seem to escape me). Also, welcome to Meredith; hope to see you again.

    pullups-pushups: 8-22, 7-15, 6-16
    wod 6:53 with 95

  3. Dick D

    So was it 50 squats because of the big “five O”? ….Casey step away from the keyboard I’m just joking…:-)

    Pullup-Pushup was something like 21/32, 10/20, 11/20 {yes I forgot my journal}

    WOD (did SDHP because my hand still can’t take that position at the catch) w 95#: 9:03

    I’m shooting to get more than one stinkin’ workout this week. Last week drove me crazy being out of town.

    1. Tim M

      Joking or not – Holy Cow Dick!
      Talk about sticking your head in the lioness’ mouth . . . and then stomping on her paw for good measure!

  4. Laura

    pull ups/push ups 6/13, 6/15, 4/13 (something like that….??)

    WOD did 75# and my time was 7:59
    the cleans were a lot easier for me than normal. Maybe I’m finally “getting” the “HIPS” thing…

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