WOD: 03-16-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-16-2010

“Body Blow”  This workout attacks the midline stabilization (power) muscles with haymakers, the intensity (and success) is dertermined entirely by the athletes’ willingness to suffer and continue on.

Deadlift (2 min)

Atomic Sit Ups (1 min)

Rest (1 min)

2 rounds then:

KB swings (2 min)

Burpees (1 min)

Rest (1 min)

2 Rounds

Half of the Athletes did this in the reverse order.

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  1. drew

    Good workout! 205 was heavy, but there was no way out of it after pulling a PR of 405lbs on the strength prortion. Total reps 241.

  2. brad

    DL 345, 375, 355 (good coaching from Zach and Drew, calling me on the rounded back on rep 2). This is one lift that I got to improve form before I can PR again

    wod @ 53 kb and 185 – 236 reps

    Phenomenal job this morning, Drew, on both 1RM and the wod. Strong.

    Matt – it’s time to get the PR whiteboard up and functioning. Your athletes are starting to post some serious numbers.

    And I never thought I would type this….but I’m ready to try a 2 pood kettlebell. 53 didn’t feel light this morning (heck, nothing feels light if you’re doing it for 2 minutes), but it was manageable.

    1. Gary

      Brad, what’s a “pood kettlebell”? Thanks for the coaching and encouraging words this morning.

      Dick, good to see you. Take care of yourself, and hope to see you back soon in full kettlebell swing.

  3. Linda

    Wow, there was some power at the “box” this morning. Drew, “high five” to you on your 400+. Christina congrats on your 1RM. Need to improve on my plank holds. Did WOD with 100#DL and 25# KB. Did total of 40 DL & Atomic Sit up for 2 rounds and 90 KB and 12 Burpees for 2 rounds. Good group this morning

  4. Casey

    I went in tonight at 5:30…..it wasn’t pretty. DL………..I don’t even want to talk about it.
    115lb DL 39/38, 36/31 (maybe, not exact)
    35lb KB 60/15, 56/12 (pretty sure on those #s)

  5. Laura

    Yay yay yay!! FINALLY!!! DEADLIFT 205#
    did the WOD with 115#
    I think my numbers were something like

    Deadlift/atomic sit ups 38/40 rd 1 then rd 2 28/38 (I’m so guessing….can’t remember)

    KB/burpees rd 1 thirty something/15 rd 2 twenty something/10

  6. Dick D

    Once again hats off to my boy Christopher. He hammered it in the burpee and situp portions. Didn’t let off the gas one bit.

    Me….well….not so much.

    DL: 325, 365, 375 (F) still 365 was a PR

    WOD: 41-48, 48-16, 26-25 (Hello? what just happened? GEEZ!) , 37-11.

    Really enjoyed the WOD although the gas tank was empty on rd two. Hats off to the morning crew for being flexible and working with a huge group.

    Matt patience and flexibility are definitely a virtue. I would say it’s a good problem to have.

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