WOD: 03-17-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Casey

    Brad, Where were you?? Look it’s a girl WOD and you were UA!!!

    We did this on 12/8 (at 5AM in fact). Today I was 3 seconds slower. A fact that made me throw my journal on the ground and almost say something inappropriate (for me anyway). However, I did all kipping pull ups this time and did have to wait for time on the bar……..so it was an improvement. I’ll take it. 13:31

    1. silverbackmattp

      That is the most depressing PR post I have ever read. Heavier is heavier, faster is faster we will do this again when we have the new pull up rig in place for no waiting pull ups.

      1. Casey

        Depressing? Really? You should have read the three posts I deleted before I hit enter. I really left encouraged today after I got over the initial “clock” issue. Seriously. This is me, happy, happy, joy, joy!

        Also, got a 130lb Front Squat……PR 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. drew

    I think I was at 13:33 but can’t remember exactly. The pull-ups really slowed me down! I wish I could kip.

    Once again Matt attacks my weaknesses, a little Jump Rope sprinkled thoughout the burpees and pull-ups in the WOD. Same as before on the front squat 245lbs.

    1. silverbackmattp

      Is that 245 compared with last week or 245 compared to your baseline measurement 6 weeks ago? I am anxious to see everyones gains over the couse of the last strength cycle.

      1. drew

        No that is from when we did 3,2,1,1 last week or the week before (can’t remember) My baseline was much lower than that, you can look at the front page of my journal tonight if you want to see baseline.

  3. Gary

    Good to see you, Helen. (sarcasm) Have no idea if I beat my previous WOD time, since I had to reboot my dumb phone yesterday and lost all of my WODs and PRs. Not happy. So much for technology. Christina’s buying me a workout journal.

    Used the 55lb KBs for the WOD for the first time, but Helen always gets my goat with the pullups (just a little improvement – mostly in strength, kips got a little better).

    Besides that, I do know that I beat my previous Front Squat PR with 245lb. “Write” it down.

    Shout out to Christina for once again beating me in this WOD. The way she took off for that first lap, I thought a real dog WAS chasing her.

    1. Casey

      Gary, Your kips did look a lot better today. We’ll get a kip clinic going soon but don’t tell Drew…..we don’t want him to master everything too fast and get an ego or anything 🙂

      I second the shout out to Christina. I had the exact same thought about the dog……she took off like a rocket. Way to go C!!

  4. Lynn

    I felt old today but my time was 15:00 and I was glad I started my day at Silverback. Also hit a new PR for front squat with 105#, oh yeah and I fit into another pair of pants today! Thanks Matt and everyone who is always so supportive.

  5. Christina

    Great workout today everybody. Several new PRs this week – Deadlift 190lbs, Front Squat – 120lbs, AND I didn’t feel sick to my stomach.

    Wow! Leslie, you are one strong Momma, about to pass me up in strength training. Slightly jealous, but very proud of you.

    Casey, you’re always strong, and my goal for the year to beat you just one time in the WOD. Thanks for inviting me to this crazy thing called CROSSFIT.

    Matt, thanks for always pushing me, even though I do get a little queazy every time I step in the BOX. I know you said “run like a dog was chasing us”, but today I would have been dogfood.

    And one last shout out to my husband, and his front squat PR at 245. You know I love my men lean and strong.

  6. brad

    Wow, it’s a lovefest at CFSB today; very supportive posts. I wouldn’t miss Helen for anything and will be there tonight. Doing a little family time today.

    Lynn – great job. As comparison, my first Helen time was over 17 minutes.

    Dick – hope you and your bionic son will be at the 530. I want you two pushing me.

    245 on the FS guys? Nice job; the bar keeps getting higher; not sure I can hang with that but will give it a go.

  7. Christina

    I just wanted to test out my new gravtar! Isn’t it cute! We have a chihuahua that we adore (Gary more than anyone) named PAPI so I saw this and had to have it!

  8. Tim M

    Thx for throwing this in the mix, Matt, I love Helen (the WOD – lets not go there again)!
    Playing around tonight I was able to do some OHS’s; I couldn’t do them 4months ago – my shoulder is finally losening up! YEAH!
    Did the WOD in 10:39, PUs killed my time. I have GOT to learn the butterfly.
    Way to go Karen, Linda, & Johnny – you guys ROCKED it tonight!

  9. buckeye75

    At the hotel tonight in a sparse workout room, I managed the following:

    20 minutes on a interval workout treadmill going 3.5 miles. The WOD consisted of the following: push-ups / box jumps (24″) / mountain climbers / sit-ups = 1 round. A 1 minute rest between each round, 3 rounds. THe numbers:

    RD1 – 52 PU / 32 BJ / 26 MT / 41 SU
    RD2 – 41 PU / 26 BJ / 24 MT / 32 SU
    RD3 – 36 PU / 21 BJ / 19 MT / 28 SU

    I started with burpees instead of PU and on my 1st burpee, I knock out a ceiling tile!
    Congrat on Lynn hitting 105 or 115 on the front squat.

  10. brad

    what a great day at CFSB and a hotel with a sparse workout room (self prescribed mountain climbers is very impressive). Props to Karen and Johnny completing their first Helen. Linda – great job! Tim crushed it.

    tried 245 on the FS, denied. 225
    wod 11:45 PR

  11. Linda

    See what happens when you leave your workout book at home, You have a PR for the front squat of 115#! Did Helen in Dec with a time of 15:55 today I did it in 17:30, but I did pullups with the red band and 35# KB. Progress is good! I want to say my arms were spent from all the “consequences” I had from the warm up. Why can I jump rope no problem until there are consequence, then I trip up every 30 seconds? Way to go Karen, Johnny, Brad and Tim!

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