WOD: 03-18-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-18-2010

“Helen” again  We repeat our Wed WOD on Thursday so that our athletes can get a much needed rest day in their training cycle when most convenient for them while still adhering to our carefully designed training schedule.  Simply put, enjoy one of these days off, you earned it and we will all meet back up on Friday.

The "D" boys put a hurt'n on on Helen both with a sub 10:00. Christopher edged out Dad by 20 sec, that is why he will be graduating to the 45lb kettlebell.

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  1. brad

    Matt – you’ve been encouraging us to closely track our improvements as we’ve moved through the cycles of the program. Here’s some data to support the programming. All are 1RM and the delta shown is since joining CFSB 15 weeks ago.

    Thruster 175, +15
    PP 190, +25
    BS 265, +10
    FS 235, +40
    DL 385, +5 (but working on stricter form)
    wt 178, 0 (need to work on that diet thing)
    plus PR’d Helen twice, 5K row twice, FGB and Cindy

    Good stuff. Thanks

  2. Dick D

    Well the boy finally took down the old man. Chris beat me by 15 seconds today on Helen. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down.

    Chris 9:18
    Dick 9:33

    I didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to push through the pain during the KB swings and I couldn’t close the gap on the third run. Just nothing left in the legs. I thought I might catch him on the last set of pullups but the “little” rug rat smoked me in the end.


    1. brad

      Ok, the Douglas family is officially on a different scale than the rest of us. Helen pushing sub 9 is awesome.

      Chris – we’ll see you at the Games in a few years

      Dick – God help you, man.

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