WOD: 03-19-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-19-2010

“Tractor Pull” This is vintage Mark Twight at Gym Jones, a sustained whole body muscular effort with your body in such a position as it compromises your ability to sustain the work aka “I can’t catch my breath”.

As designed:  Team of two athletes

Athlete 1:  Sled Pull 50m with a 45lb bar held overhead.

  Athlete 2: Rest

Switch every 50m, total of 11 pulls per team.

Modified for 3 Athletes:  Athlete 3 does an unballanced farmer carry(unequal  weights) 50m then rotates to the 1 position and waits for the sled.

12 rounds team total


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  1. Gary

    Fun workout this a.m. Especially proud of all the ladies on the tractor pull. Not an easy thing to do. Have a feeling that next time the guys will be pulling more weight.

    Good Luck to Casey and Tim this weekend on getting certified in San Antonio.

    Matt, you asked about PR development since we started the program. I had to go from memory on a few since my iPhone PR log got erased (, but they are as follows.

    Deadlift: 235 – 305 (been taking it easy on DLs last month or so)
    Push Press: 155 – 185
    Front Squat: 185 – 245
    Back Squat: 225 – 295
    Thrusters: 145 – 185
    DH Pull Ups: 4 – 10

    Matt, what are good goals for each relative to % of body weight. Just curious.

    1. Casey

      Gary, Those are great numbers!

      Thank you for letting your sweet wife chaperone me to San Antonio this weekend. I promise to take good care of her.

      1. Gary

        Thanks, Brad. If I was a betting man, I would have bet that you would know where to find this info. Matt, do you agree on the numbers?

        Casey, you’re welcome. Just don’t let her keep you out too late and miss the morning training WOD. Tell her to behave herself.

  2. brad

    Today’s wod looks very tough. Sort of glad I took a powder this morning. But did one of my favorites at 24 Hr

    5 rds using 115 lbs
    15 DL
    12 HPC
    9 FS
    6 PP

  3. MattP

    Who am I to argue with Coach Rip. However these are a bit of a blunt tool. Remember when looking at the body weight, that you should consider body comp and to a lesser extent age.

  4. Dick D

    Like the table from Ripp. Gives me some motivation for sure. Well Ok that and getting beat by a 15 yr old! Geez.

    Hope to make it in the morning. I’m kind of in a holding pattern at work.

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