WOD: 03-22-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-22-2010

Push Press (2 min)

Squats (1 min)

Atomic Sit-up (1 min)

Rest (2 min)

2 rounds

SDHP (2 min)

Push Ups (1 min)

Flutter Kicks (1 min)

Rest (2 min)

2 rounds

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  1. buckeye75

    Matt, great WOD. The dynamic moves of this WOD requires the individual to dig deep and not listen to the “little voice”. Enjoyed going heavy on the push press.

  2. Dick D

    See y’all next week. I’ll see what I can do from the hotel “gyms”. maybe time to get some endurance specific stuff for the triathlon next month.

  3. brad

    Yeah to Casey and Tim, representing on the mainsite (second photo from top on today’s posted wod)! Awesome.

    Casey – can’t believe you showed up at 0500 for an “inchworm”. You must be sore.

    Nice wod, my total reps
    PP@95 – 57
    SQ – 83
    ASU – 108
    SDHP@53 – 77
    Pushup – 52
    Flutters – ???

  4. Christina

    Julie, I’m so proud of you for going without me or Gary! Way to put on those big girl panties!

    Good job to Casey and Tim for getting certified this weekend. WAY TO GO!!! We had a blast in San Antonio! Just ask Casey about tejano festivals, Mi Tierra, and headlocks at dinner time! Can’t wait to do it again. I was Casey’s driver/personal assistant all weekend – kind of like Driving Mrs. Wilson…so much fun!

    1. Casey

      Really, great job Christina, I appreciated having my own personal assistant for the weekend……we can do it again any time. Let me know when you are free.

      Tim, thanks for putting up with our crazy antics and gps directions……….you had a lot of faith to follow the two of us 🙂

      Christian, It was great to see you again. Congrats on the cert.

  5. laura

    I sorta liked this workout….. I’m not sure why I’m saying this….but I kinda did…. 🙂
    I don’t remember all of my numbers at all…but I’ll try

    pushpress 50/39
    squats 41/32
    AS 42/? (uggg can’t remember)

    SDHP fortysomething/twenty something I think
    pushups 15/13
    flutters ??/??

    1. brad

      Laura – Are you interested in doing the Bayou City Crossfit competition on April 17? Zach and I are, and we need two women. Casey seemed a bit lukewarm on the idea but perhaps we could talk her into it.

      1. silverbackmattp

        Cassie showed some interest when I spoke to her last night. She should be in again this evening. Laura, you and Cassie would make a strong combo.

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