IT’S OFFICIAL – CrossFit Silverback



Or rather Casey and Tim are now official.  Both succesfully completed their CrossFit Level I certification.  Combined with their years of experience and passion for the sport of fitness I can’t wait to see where they take us as athlete’s and as a community.  Great job!

Coach Casey: small, quiet and friendly with the intensity of a flame thrower.


Consistency of effort and attention to detail are Coach Tim's halmarks

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  1. Justin


    You will both be good coaches. Casey use to school/ teach me in the WOD’s in days past. I can only imagine now.

    I have trained with you both, and you have what it takes. Keep up the good work. I am always lurking checking on your progress.

  2. Gary

    Congrats, Tim and Casey. Great job!

    Casey, not sure that inviting my wife along to SA was the type of encouragement and inspiration you had in mind, which makes your certification this past weekend all that more impressive. Maybe you and Christina can get UFC certified next.

  3. Dick D

    Congrats Tim and Casey!

    With Christina and Casey running free in San Antonio I’m not sure the place will ever be the same. Tim I hope they didn’t scar you for life.

    So does Casey get to write up my “40” birthday WOD next year. I mean after all she had a “50” workout for her birthday…. Casey again I say step away from the keyboard. I say again step away from the keyboard. Matt and Brad told me to say it. Bear second’ed the motion at our get together. So you have to go through those guys first to get to me. Yes I’m a chicken at heart.

    So I did yesterday’s WOD today since I was in the air almost all of Monday. It went a little like this:

    warm up
    1000m row
    CF warm up
    Ultimate stretch


    5 x 10 of Push Press @ 22 Kilo Dumbbells (48.5 #s each) [That’s as heavy as I could get]


    Push Press: 39/37
    Squat: 47/45
    Atomic Sit Up: 42/29?

    2 min rest

    SDHP: 26/22
    Push Up: 39/25
    Flutter Kick 4ct 35/40

    The Push Press and SDHP felt heavy especially the SDHP. I was really spent at the end. Not sure if that is jet lag or if I really “burned down the house” but irregardless I was totally done.

    Now if I can get back down there in a couple of hours to do the run portion of my day I should be able to sleep without any problems.

  4. Casey

    Thanks so much guys. Matt believed in me enough to make me take this leap of faith and I’m so grateful. I’m so excited to be a part of the Silverback team!!

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