WOD: 03-23-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-23-2010

“Toe Popper”  A toe popper is an booby trap made usually from a small charge or single bullet.  I remember one of my early instructors explaining, “it aint gonna kill ya, but you’ll walk funny the rest of your life”  I think this short “little” WOD may fit the bill.

For time: 21-15-9

Back Squat

Box Jump


Cassie set a 1RM PR for the day!


The ladies attack the boxes.


About a month in and Bear continues to shed weight from his frame and add it to the bar.




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      1. laura

        Sure! I’m in as long as yall promise not to be mad at me if there is something in the WODs that I can’t do…..
        There is a lot the I’ve never done yet…snatches, OHsquats, uhhh competed before…..
        and then there is a lot I CAN’T do yet….pull ups by myself, muscle ups…
        but I’ll do it!

      2. laura

        oh yea…hand stand pushups…can’t do that…OHH and double unders… can’t do those either :/
        haha! Matt said that the WODs will come out way before event..and I know that they have a “scaled” and the normal workout….so I guess depending on what the WOD’s consist of we can determine what we wanna do as a team 🙂

      3. brad

        that’s great. Now we need to recruit another female — Casey or Cassie?

        and btw – there’s plenty of stuff I can’t do either. If we need to do the scaled version, so be it. Just doing this for fun and a little challenge

    1. Laura

      if you had someone next to you doing it you wouldn’t have needed any guts…for some reason I wasn’t scared at all and normally am super scared of the 24″ even in the BJ gauntlet thing…
      wow 365 good job! 🙂

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