WOD: 03-24-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-24-2010

“Mini-Murph” Two important notes:  I am enormously proud of CrossFit’s original “Hero WOD” as well as Lt. Murphy and his service to his country and sacrifice for his fellow SEALS, the name of this WOD is merely descriptive and intends no disrespect.  Second, Silverbacks know how I feel about longer WOD’s and excessive reps, however specialization is the first step to obsolescence so simply put, it’s good to mix it up.

Row 1000m

50 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

150 Squat

Row 1000m

Zach started by setting the bar high (get it) with a 95lb TGU

Silverbacks begin to doubt the "Mini" in Mini-Murph.

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  1. laura

    I’m super super sore and am taking today off. I am going to run tonight at baseball practice for some “active rest” and will see yall tomorrow. 🙂

  2. sleepyjingli(julie)

    Just shot me, so I don’t have to go tomorrow!
    I feel sick already!

    I want to give my BIG girl panties back to Christina, I don’t want to wear them anymore:)

    1. Laura

      Hey Julie!
      I plan to come in the morning! Waking up that early is super hard for me…but I’ll do it if I commit to you that I’ll be there….sooooo I’LL BE THERE AT 5AM! 🙂 see you then! And don’t you go giving any panties away either 🙂

  3. Casey

    Julie, You’ll do fine……….if you can channel that competitive streak that makes you beat Christina in Bejewelled and Scrabble the 2000m will be a cake walk!

    Mini-Murph…don’t let the name fool you this is a full dose of medicine. Really nice way to jump back into training after the cert………..thanks Matt! I did get all 50 kipping pull ups and the joy of that far outweighed the misery of the rower 🙂

    Great job to everyone this morning. Zach got a 95lb TGU with a barbell…….awesome. Lynn and Linda fastastic job on pull ups and finishing strong on the rower.

    Selena, oh I mean Christina, where were you this morning? Murph will not be kind to you after a night in Montrose.

  4. brad

    Numbers, folks, where are the numbers? And TGU before mini Murph? Can we do moutain climbers for a warm up and have the trifecta of pain?

    Impressive TGU, Zach. 95# is strong.

    And, Casey, congratulations on the pullups! Isn’t that you at the top of the home page on a teal band just a few months ago?

    I’m looking forward to mini Murph tomorrow at 0500. Try to improve on my Saturday time and deploy my newly learned butterfly kip. We’ll see….

    1. Casey

      Brad, Don’t you just love CFSB……….enjoy those mountain climbers on your warm up 🙂 I’m not joking.

      I think my time was 26:?? Basically Zach beat my by almost 2 min. (curse those butterflies). I thought my squats were super fast but the last row killed me. Matt said you crushed this workout Saturday………I’ll be checking back for your time.

  5. brad

    Oh yeah, we now have Laura, Zach and I interested in the Bayou City Crossfit workout on Apr 17. Need one more female. Casey? Cassie? Someone?

    1. laura

      if you go to the mainsite and then affiliates and then texas then houston then bayou city cf it’s the first thing that comes up….it has a link that says click here if you are the 4 members or something…..

  6. TimM

    If I can roll out of bed I’ll be there tomorrow at 5AM.
    Great job Casey & Zach! Brad – you’ve GOT to show me Butterfly’s ! ! !

    1. brad

      am not ready to proclaim that I’ve got them yet (especially in the midst of a wod). But hopeful.

      Look for a vid on the mainsite entitled Kip Comparison. It’s Dutch doing side by side gymnastic vs butterfly kips.

  7. Gary

    Dang!! Sinus infection finally took me down. Had to visit Doc this morning. Haven’t had to see Doc in a year and two months!! Tribute that to a healthier regimen, including crossfit at Silverback.

    Sorry I looked at today’s WOD. Looks like a bear — Kodiak perhaps. Interested what times everone posted. Hope to see everyone in the a.m.

    Good job on TGU this morning Zach. One-armed 95lb TGUs are apparently easier than one-armed 295lb squats.

  8. Linda

    Interesting new “Knead the dough”, refresher course in TGU (thanks new people) then PR of 35#. Scaled Mini-murph with 35(instead of 50) red banded pullups. My time….wait for it…..34:29.
    Saw this t-shirt on the main site/affiliates and really like the list. I was like OMGosh, I do that or I understand what that means. Tim, Can I get a new crossfit t-shirt??? PLEEEEASSSSS!

    1. Casey

      Linda, I want that shirt too!! Those are the exact thoughts that run through my mind when I see all the women in HEB in their cute matching “work out” clothes, in full make up, drinking a latte and buying “whole grains”………..I could just wear the shirt and not have to talk to myself!

    2. Tim M

      You two gals have the T-Shirt connections, get one made up for CFSB. Ask around – I suspect some of the other Xfit women would want one too. 3..2..1.. GO LADIES!!

  9. Dick D

    Sorry I missed this one. will have to sub lat pull downs for pull ups. not much weight on the machine so it won’t be the same. Maybe i should double the reps?

    Is there a box in Mumbai?

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