WOD: 03-25-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-25-2010

The same as yesterday:  When you work out here you work at a high intensity that requires sufficient rest and proper nutrition.  By repeating the workouts on Wed. and Thurs. we provide our athletes  an optimum work/rest balance with the abillity to flex around their busy schedules.

After "Mini Murph" Steve well understands the importance of adequate rest, maybe too well

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  1. laura

    did teal band for pull ups and did 28 of the 50 DEADHANG like a dummy..but I think I just now (in the middle of THIS WOD) “clicked” with the kipping thing and consecutive! haha! I’m a little slow I guess but dang…that made it so much easier!
    time was 32:44

    ohhh and TGU 1 RM was 50# tried 55 and didn’t get it…didn’t think about it till now but I should have used the 53 KB…duh…oh well…

    Julie-Nice to finally meet you!

    GREAT JOB to everyone at 5am!

    1. silverbackmattp

      No, no one will go on the record board with a KB TGU, the bar is what we should all aim for, KB’s are a way to get there.

  2. laura

    WOW my energy level is through the freaking roof….I think I’m annoying my coworkers….I can’t stop doing and talking and going OMG…hahaaha!

  3. brad

    Energized? Nah, I couldn’t tell.

    TGU 80#
    wod 25:11
    the kip needs more work. No, in fact my kip needs to be taken out and shot. I’ve done 9000 flipping pullups since I started crossfit (yes, I count them, surprised?) and I cannot kip worth a darn. That is one weakness I’m getting fed up with.

    Laura, Cassie and Zach – we are registered for the BCC Team Competition. Here’s a blurb from their website…

    Saturday April 17. Team Competition Start Time 12:30, 1st WOD will be at 1:00PM, 2nd WOD around 3PM, Tie Breaker immediately after, then CrawFish. Team’s of 4, 2 females, 2 males. Team fee is $100. There will 2 divisions, Standard and Scaled. There will be prizes for both divisions

    1. laura

      Brad, you CRACK me up!! You COUNT your pull ups??! OMG!!! 🙂 that’s so funny!
      I think you did AWESOME on your pull ups! I am super jealous! I WILL get them! If I can’t do anything else I have always really really really wanted to be able to do lots of pull ups in a row! So chin up sir! at least you’re not on a stinkin band 🙂

    2. laura

      OH and thank you for signing us up! Now we are officially commited :/ haha! Jk! It’ll be a good experience! I’m excited!
      I’ll give you $25. or leave $25. for you tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Tim M

    Felt good to meet Mr.Murph (in any form) again.
    Did 95# TGU. Tried 105 but it just wasn’t meant to be.
    Did the WOD in 24:49 (Dang it Zach, you beat me by 3 SECONDS, haa, haa).

    So Laura – was the energy burst due to Murph or were you double-espresso’ing out??

  5. Laura

    don’t know if it was Murph per say….but for sure it was working out in the mornings vs evenings….it put a bunch of PEP in my day 🙂 until now….just got home a bit ago from sitting at a 2 hour baseball practice and I was nodding off on the bench…. :/
    super tired!

  6. Dick D

    Not sure if i’m sorry that I missed the TGU or not. I would probably have to do KB anyway bc of the hand. Bad memories still of the last time I tried these.

    This is me walking in a mental fog down to the hotel gym again. Hope to see y’all Monday.

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