WOD: 03-26-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 03-26-2010

Here is one worth ending a tough week on.  So I dub thee (for record keeping purposes)……


Hang Power Cleans x 10

Row 2min (for meters)

Rest 2 min

3 rounds

Rest 5 min (includes the 2 min on the last round above)

Push Press x 10

Burpees 2 min

Rest 2 min

3 Rounds

Record your Burpees and meters each round

This will put you in a physically and mentally “bad place” if you do not quickly focus on the goal at hand and not the rounds to come.  Max effort, we have no gears just stopped and go, go, go fueled by burning desire and a willingness to suffer.

Thanks to MFT at Gym Jones

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  1. drew

    Forgive me Coach Phillips for I have been lazy. It has been 8 days since my last WOD. I have been gluttoneous, my diet has consisted of hamburgers (In-N-Out)pizza and other foods. I have not inactive and have deprived my body of sleep.

    I will accept this WOD, the pain I felt and the sweat I left on the ground as penance for my indiscretions.

    Steve thanks for pushing me this morning on the Plank thing. I am now mad at myself for not going longer, I am thinking I could have made 5 minutes!

    WOD was great rowed over 1700m total (601, 58?, 52?) and did 62 “burpees” in quotes beacause my form was horrible on the last two rounds. First weight on clean was 115 then went to 135 and stayed there for Push Press. 135 was heavy for push press, struggled on the last two rounds.

  2. silverbackmattp

    The Lord forgives, I don’t. But I am glad to hear you and the wife got to have an “Adult Spring Break”. Now the bill is due.

  3. laura

    see you at 630p
    Hey Matt-did Tommy show up yesterday?
    I emailed him and told him I’d be there at 630p today if he wanted to come.

    1. TimM

      No, he didn’t make it Laura.

      Oh and Drew, we’re thinking about doing Nutrition Depot in April or maybe even push it into May.

  4. brad

    Drew – if you’re going to fall off the wagon, In-n-Out is the way to fall! Man I miss those things.

    I’m in for 630 tonight

  5. Jose

    Iove the concept behind the WOD for today. GJ style.

    Casey, congrats on your L1 cert. I hear you kicking tail at the CFSB box. Keep up the intensity and lead from the front.

  6. Tim M

    I like doing Shoulder Press for a change!
    Did HPC & PP w/115# and should have gone heavier. The 3rd RND of PP I had to break up but all the rest I did un-broken.

    R1 – 566m row
    R2 – 567m row
    R3 – 551m row
    R4 – 21Burpees
    R5 – 19Burpees
    R6 – 19Burpees

    Call me crazy but I liked this WOD!!

  7. Niko

    Count me among the mad men but I liked this WOD as well. Well, maybe not the rowing.:) Was able to press 3x135lbs, 3x155lbs, and 185lbs once but bonked on the second attempt. I hit the Hang Power Clean and Push Presses with 135lbs and was able to keep a decent pace. The rowing was a gut check.

    R1 – 487m
    R2 – 501m
    R3 – 471m
    R4 – 24 burpees
    R5 – 21 burpees
    R6 – 21 burpees

    “Just keep going.” was the mantra for the day.

    1. brad

      Get yourself a photo or image you want to use (for example, I googled images for weightlifting). Save to your computer. Go to gravatar.com and follow their instructions.

  8. brad

    Intense. Yeah….
    SP@135, 140, 145 (1x)
    Rows – 571, 558, 542
    Burpees – 28, 26, 24

    That was a strong demonstration of press strength Niko. Keep it up.

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