WOD 03-31-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD 03-31-2010

“Bloody Bear” (say it with a brittish accent, its funnier) 

Three rounds timed individually:

Row 500

Bear Complex x 10

Rest 2:00 min

How big do you need to be to be nick-named "Bear", check him out behind Zach....those are full size bumper plates;)

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  1. Casey

    For those who were there this morning, let’s keep the surprise to ourselves. I would hate the PM group or Thursday group to miss out on the shock we had this morning………agreed?

    For the record, no offense Bear, but I am so done with anything that has to do with a bear……….done……finished……..

    4:43, 4:49, 4:35 in hindsight this was really too light but I stuck with it…….what is interesting is a month ago the 45lb bar killed me doing this…….is it possible to gain that much strength in that period of time??

  2. drew

    Yes I agree Casey!

    WOD- 95lbs 5:??, 6:3?, 4:3?…Good Memory huh!

    Matt- Hindsight on my confusing diatribe about tomorrow and double WODs you could just run a different WOD as I am sure no one who missed today will compain! Let me know what you decide.

  3. Linda

    On a totally different note- What crossfit/food/blog etc sites do you check everyday? If you would like to share it in the workout journal my e-mail is posted on the white board.

  4. brad

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

    wod@95, 4:48, 5:00, 4:44 (Matt – you may take some satisfaction that in the 60 seconds or so after this one, I felt I had pushed to the point of “unwise”)

    Check out all the negative splits that are on the board and this post (Drew – 2 minutes?). Nice job folks.

  5. TimM

    Interesting KTD/Warm-up.
    wod@95# in 4:47, 4:41, 4:14
    Like Brad pointed out, all negative splits. First round I used strict form & separated the FS from the PP. 2nd & 3rd rounds I basically did a Thruster which saved a lot of time. Maybe it was adrenaline but 3rd row was alot easier/quicker for me.

  6. laura

    Weird…..April 1 HAD a line under it to post on….NOW it doesn’t….hmmmm strange!
    another weird thing….I feel like I worked out yesterday NOT this morning….very very odd feeling…
    75# for the WOD
    I think my times were 5:04, 5:21, 5:50….no neg splits for me…. Rowing and then the bear was a real bear for me…..I took WAY to long to start my reps after the rowing…. :/
    I’ll try harder next time 🙂

  7. Gary

    Loved the surprise, Casey. That KTD/Warmup was challenging and not necessarily the kind of surprise that I enjoy. I thought it had to do with my birthday recently. Guess I was an April Fool.

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