WOD: 05-03-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-03-2010

“Tag Team II”

With a partner as many reps as possible without pause or break in form, tag partner in.  Each team member completes 3 rounds per movement.  Score team total reps per movement.



Box Jumps

Back Squats

Janet begins her second week with an impressive first set on the boxes.

Yes, not the best picture I ever took, but it is the firts time Lynn jumped on the 20 in box!!! Awesome job Lynn! (Incedentally, Drew is working on overcoming his West Coast jet lag.)

Brad and Casey broke the curve on Burpees!

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  1. Gary

    Fun workout. Jim was a great teammate, as always. Sorry I had to bail on your last burpee round. Christina was late for work. Sorry, Don’t remember all of our team numbers.

    Out the rest of the week again. This time in Chicago. Will be following along, in sweat and pain, in the hotel exercise room.

  2. Gary

    Silverback Party –

    Everyone make sure to put the May 15th date on your calanders for the Silverback party at my office. Should be a really good time. Fishing, golf, billiards, darts, shuffle board, bar….. For the whole family.

    Please RSVP to Christina at ‘christina.hemeyer@yahoo.com’ and let her know how many will attend. We are doing fajitas. So get with Christina on what you can bring.

    BYOB. So if you bring me your drinks early I can get them in our cooler.

  3. brad

    Results for Team “We Can Out Box Jump You”, aka Team “It’s Good to Have Casey as Your Partner”…

    burpees – 101
    back squats – 105
    deadlift – 76
    box jumps – 150 (including an amazing 34 reps by Casey on the last round)

    Not that this would need any clarification, but Casey did the lion’s share. I was tapping out too quick. If the format of this wod were changed from “until you pause or break form” to “until you’re ready to quit”, I’m pretty sure Casey would still be at the box repping it out. I know how to pick my partners.

    So what time is this shindig on the 15th?

    1. Casey

      Brad, You beat me to it. I was most definitely going to post today. You, sir, were a great partner. Thanks for picking me. I really wish I had done more burpess…..oh well, there is always next time.

      Shout out to the Girl-rillas!! “Team Sisters-in-Law” went heavy and rocked the WOD. “Team Newbies ” proved they could hold their own with150 DL reps!! Welcome to Silverback Nation Tracey and Crystal!!!

  4. laura

    maaaannnnn….I miss everything fun! I will be out of town for a graduation on the 15th…
    take lots of pics 🙁

  5. Linda

    Ode to the red band. Red band- you were my friend. I thought our time would never end. but Matt has declared us through, I could not have done it without you. Max pull ups 11-13-10+
    Team Linda and her imaginary friend.
    Deadlift 95#- 50
    Burpee- 40
    Box Jump 16″- 40
    Back squat 65#- 32

  6. Tim M

    Great job Linda, way to pump out those Pull-Ups!!!!

    Kudos to Johnny; I think we made a good team!
    DH PUs were 8(PR)-6-6
    WOD went like this:
    Back-Squat (145#) – 75Total Reps
    Dead-Lift (185#) – 100 Total Reps
    Burpees (suck!) – 55 Total
    Box Jumps (24″) – 100 Total Jumps

    I liked this WOD – having a partner makes you push harder too.

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