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The Little Black Dress challenge:  We think we have a positive and motivating challenge for all the Girl-rillas in the Silverback Nation as we head into warmer weather.  Casey will be leading this event with an informational meeting this week.  You can contact her about the contest through our Contact Page.

The Welcome to the Jungle Party: MAY 15  We have been hard at it for just a little over six months now building the Silverback Nation and better versions of ourselves.  We want to take the opportunity for new athletes and plank holders, early morning warriors and after work athletes along with their families to meet and share some laughs, good food and friendly competition (nothing sweaty promise) .  More details to follow,  just make sure to free up the evening of May 15 open for you and your whole family to come out and enjoy some great company in a relaxed atmosphere (meaning I will leave my stop-watch at the gym). 

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  1. sleepyjingli

    Well, after three months of insanity, I officially became a CF Junkie!
    I found myself watching professional rowers doing their crazy workout on you tube.
    For someone just HATE rowing, this is really weird.
    I found myself searching for the meaning of Paleo diet, and study the food blocks.
    For someone used to live on king size Hershey bars, this is very strange.
    I came across this website with the meal planner,
    thought it might give a head start for our dear Gir-rillas’ The Little Black Dress challenge.

    By the way, did you notice the name Her-she-y???? why it is not His-he-y bar???

    For the Gorilla Silverbacks, maybe you should have a Box Short Challenge:))

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