WOD: 05-05-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. brad

    6:40 rx’d

    If I were as poetic as Linda, I would write an ode to Fran. But I’m not so I won’t. The first time I did Fran — 20 months, 10 pounds and 9000 pullups ago — it took me over 18 minutes. Do I have a sub 6 in me? We’ll see.

    Where are you Dick Douglas? You’ll crush this one.

    More girls! Cindy, Barbara, Angie, Elizabeth, Grace….

    1. Dick D

      I’m trying to get in there folks really i am. I’m not so sure crush is the word I would use Brad. only having worked out a handful of times in the last three weeks I’m thinking I might be the bug on this one for a few weeks.

  2. Laura

    I have never done any of the girl named WODs before so that was cool…my pull ups suck and that’s NOT cool….but I will keep trying….I feel like they have gotten worse…but I DID only workout ONE day last week..

    did 65# and teal band time was 7:43 or 7:45 can’t remember which.

  3. Casey

    So Brad, I just wasted 20 min. trying to poetically express my thoughts about Fran, not gonna happen. Linda, really, can you come up with something??

    So I should feel victorious b/c I finally conquered Fran as Rx, but I’m not thrilled with my time. 8:32 Now, that being said, the last time I did the Rx weight and a band I was in the 9’s. I do feel like the monkey is off my back and now it’s time to start chipping away at the time.

    1. brad

      I thought you might feel that way Casey. So I checked one of the benchmarking websites and your time would put you in something like the 90th percentile of women. So, yes, you should feel proudly victorious

      1. Casey

        Brad, You know how to lift a girl’s spirit! I don’t even want to see the website, I’ll just take your word for it. Thanks.

  4. drew

    6:45 as Rx’d

    Wanted to be faster but pull ups slowed me down. Could not get a rythm on the pull ups. However, this was a great day. Looking forward to Friday.

  5. Linda

    Ode to Fran- Fran you are a ….oops well let’s try this again. Fran in Haiku.
    Fran crossfit workout
    Thruster, pull ups, three rounds
    Endure, success, done.

    Great working with Corri and Brandon. Started with 55# but did the last rounds with 45#. My kip was all over the place and couldn’t get a pull up rhythm. I say all this prior to posting my time……wait for it…..13:13. I guess I win the “never say die” award for Fran this time. :

  6. Niko

    Very bummed I missed out on a Benchmark WOD like Fran. Instead, I spent the last few days enjoying the bounty of Pacific Northwest Microbrews and indulging in a very non-paleo diet ( think custards and cheese stuffed rabbit). I fear the wrath of King Silverback will fall heavily upon me once I get back to the Box. Sorry Matt, hard to say no to wedding food. It would be rude.:) See you all soon.

    BTW, way to set the bar high on this one Silverbacks. (yes, pun intended)

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