WOD: 05-07-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Casey

    Way to go Girl-rillas!!!! We made major gains on cleans and had negative splits across the board. Thank you guys for being willing to push yourself past your comfort zone and really going for it. So proud of all of you: Christine, Lynn, Tracey and Meredith!

  2. Casey

    Great class at 5AM. Had a real mental issue on the max cleans. Previously had done 115 and today could only get 105…………Laura where were you???

    75lb for the workout and times were something like 2:55, 3:01, 3:08 maybe. Drew, thanks for push this morning. For the record this left me extremely “cranky”. Mission accomplished Matt.

  3. laura

    I wanted to be there! I have been working a lot and I think it’s catching up to me a bit….I also think I’m getting a sinus infection…. YUCK!
    I am hoping to come Sat.
    Sorry Casey! Didn’t mean to leave ya hanging 🙂

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