WOD: 5-10-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 5-10-2010

“Double Dip”

Two rounds of:

Deadlift x 21

Run 400m

3 min rest

Two rounds of:

Wall Ball x 30

Row 500 m


Warming up with partners doing wall ball and jump rope, a true test of friendship

Sometimes the workout is intimidating.

Sometimes the athletes are intimidating


Who wins in the end? The athletes must answer to themselves.

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  1. laura

    my preworkout drink had to come up after this one….that was a really tough one for me with all of that running and rowing….

    KTE 7, 7, 5

    135# DL/run time 7:44

    WB/row time 8:34 or 8:43 ?? (can’t remember which)

  2. drew

    I see that Matt caught a picture of the 5 seconds when my partner Brad was on the wall ball!

    This morning was intense. A great workout!

    DL 255lb/ run 7:3?
    Wall Ball. row 7:57

    For the record, Brad did beat me on the wall ball row portion…

  3. Casey

    Christina, You were a great partner this morning, although in the picture the two of us are the only ones not doing anything!!

    This was tough……7:37 on the rowing part and 7:4? on the running, 135lb DL.

    The Girl-rillas brought the fire this morning………many finished both portions in the 6 minute range. I was impressed. Way to go girls………it’s the paleo I’m sure 😉

    1. brad

      Casey – are you and the Girl-illas following any specific paleo program, or just basic protocol? I’m not sure I could fit into my slinky black dress anymore, but I might want to eat like I want to.

  4. sleepyjingli

    “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”
    —-Forrest Gump
    I just know when RUN and ROW got together, all (HE double hockey sticks) broke lose.
    Comment by sleepyjingli on April 19, 2010 8:42

    I felt like the actor in the Groundhog Day– got killed by CF again.

    On the second 400m run, all I can think of are:
    1. don’t through up the Mother’s Day lunch;
    2. don’t poop in my pants (gross, huh? just found myself not only became a crazy CF junkie, but also became a Red Neck.)

    Upon returning from the run, I found I couldn’t lift my 55lb bar.
    Apparently, In the midst of my running, someone had change the DL to Lift Dead for me……Hummm, I wondered who?

    Wall Ball/ Row 8:32
    DL 55/65??? /Run 7:54

  5. brad

    Julie – you are hilarious. Please keep these posts coming.

    Drew – it was a draw on the WB/row

    DL205/run 7:49
    WB/row 7:57

    I think deadlift reps drain me quicker than any other routine. The KTEs were a nice change of pace

  6. Dick D

    Lurking and jealous. Yes I’m still taking in oxygen.

    Julie, you have got to be the funniest person in the silverback nation. Can’t make the “shindig” Christina. Go figure…I’ll be working.

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